V – Z

The following is a list of person’s who have contributed to the laser tag industry:


Vander Linden, Bob – Consultant for Intersphere USA.

Vershaete, Frank – Key Personnel of Reflex.

Vinkler, Bruce – Project Manager for Lazer Zone.


Wallath, Richard – Inventor, Co-Founder of Lasertron (NZ).

Webb, Robert – Head of World Sales and Founder of Quasar Elite.

Weinstein, Lee – Technological Engineer of Star Laser Force.

Wheatley, Jay – Co-Founder of Darkzone.

White, Jullian – Manufacturer of DarkLight Laser Tag.

Widing, Mikael – Co-Owner and Co-President of StarTrooper.

Widing, Per – Co-Owner and Co-President of StarTrooper.

Willems, Chris – Client Solutions and Sales Consultant of Intersphere USA.

Willems, Doug – Founder and Director of Delta Strike International Limited.

Willetts, Simon – Co-Founder and Vice President of Crystal and now President and Owner of Zone Laser Tag, Inc.

Williams, Kevin – Key Personnel of Laser Strike.

Williams, Johnie – Founder of Laser Duel.

Willimus, Richard – Manufacturing and Service of Actual Reality.

Willmont, David – Chairman of the Board for Versent Corporation.

Willimus, Richard – Head of Manufacturing and Service of Actual Reality.

Wilson, Tom – Silent Partner for Lazer Zone (USA).

Wilson, Doug – Key personnel in Sales and Marketing for LaZer Runner.

Willy, Jeff – U.S., Canadian, and South American Sales Rep. for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.


Young, Mark – Founder of Laser Sport.

Young, Mark – Co-owner of Ultrazone Sherman Oaks, CA.  Previously Marketing Director of Ultrazone Franchising.

Yousefi, Mohammad – Chief Tournament Executive for Proshut Laser Tag


Zimmerman, Shane – U.S. and Middle America Sales Rep. for Delta Strike International Limited and former Executive Director of the International Laser Tag Association, Inc.

Zucker, Jerry – Former CEO of InterTech Group and majority stock owner of Laser Quest.