A – F

This page contains donors “A” through “F”.


Adams, Zac – Former Q-Zar Employee – donated Q-Zar media and admin passes from the Q-Zar World Tournament in Ocean City, MD 1996, along with a Q-Zar rag from the tournament.

Anonymous #1 – donated two Photon packs as well as the original business plan from Photon in Kenilworth, NJ written in 1986. 

Anonymous #2 – donated a Laser Quest pack.

Anonymous #3 – donated a Stunner v1 laser tag pack and phaser.

Anonymous #4 – donated a Stunner v2 laser tag pack and phaser.

Ataka – donated an Ataka pack in pristine condition


Baker, Benjamin – Avid Laser Tag Player – donated:

  • 2 ZLTWC 2016 (Zone Laser Tag World Championships) bags
  • 2 ZLTWC 2016 players cards
  • a deck of ZLTWC 2016 playing cards
  • a ZLTWC 2016 shirt
  • a ZLTWC 2014 shirt
  • another ZLTWC 2014 shirt
  • the ZLTWC 2014 Documentary  

Barca, Cynthia – donated a Laser Chaser remote, a battery charger, and two Laser Chaser V1 packs as well as their vesting racks.

Barns, Brad – provided a Phasor Strike phaser, the 3rd one ever made. (Sept 9, 2013)

Battlefield Sports – donated:

  • Two Berserkers
  • One Spitfire
  • One Right on Target Tactical Laser Tag Guide
  • Numerous Business Cards
  • Three Laser Tag in a Box Magnets
  • Four Laser Skirmish Magnets
  • Four Battlefield Sports Square Dog Tags
  • Battlefield Sports Brochure
  • Battlefield Sports Team Building Brochure
  • Trade Matters Brochure which featured a Battlefield Sports Section 

Britton, Laurie Jean – donated a Japanese Photon video game cartridge, Photon coloring book, Photon Collegeville costume, Photon kite, Laser Game Evolution hardcover French language comic book and other Laser Game Evolution merchandise from Quebec

Brookes, Robert – donated a Laser Quest R-16 pack and a Laser Quest promotion poster.

Brunt, Nick – Nick is the Managing Director of Laser Quest GB. He and Nathan Hicks donated a number of items including:

  • Laser Quest R16 Clear vest and phaser shell
  • Special report commissioned in 1992 regarding the Australian Laser Game Market.
  • Quasar Elite scoreboard
  • Quasar Elite vest shell and phaser shell
  • Laser Quest t-shirt
  • Laser Quest hat
  • Original artwork of 3 drawings for promotional purposes
  • Special report on a product that never came to market called “Roller Quest”
  • Investor document
  • Newspaper articles
  • Photo of Laser Quest Leicester

Burbidge, Doug – donated a Q-zar Mark I from the Freemantle, Perth, WA, Australia. 


Carter III, George – creator of Photon and father of commercial laser tag donated several extremely rare and unique Photon items including magazines, newspapers, Photon materials, and the original concept artwork for Photon.

Chasse, Jake – GM of Zap Zone MI, donated 2 Version 1 Laser Blast Packs.

Christophe, Roldophe – Owner of Zone Laser Diffusion in France donated 2 early versions of Laser Games Evolution packs

Cook, Ed – Laser Tag Player donated a Photon patch and a league champion medal.

Cortlett, Wayne- donated a Zone Laser Tag V4 Pack.

The Curators of Photon – Chris Drago and Micheal Murphy are both avid Photon players who donated the following: 

  • four Photon mugs
  • four Photon cups
  • Photon koozie
  • Photon ash tray
  • Photon lighter
  • Photon sport bottle
  • Photon Frisbee
  • Photon Space Pen
  • Nine Photon coupon books
  • Numerous Photon passports from different stores in different designs
  • Two Photon patch
  • Photon VIP card
  • Photon play for a dollar coupon
  • Photon special passport
  • Two Photon pencils
  • Photon Passport sign
  • Photon “Play All Day” sign
  • Photon gym bag
  • Photon marketing materials
  • Photon “Head ‘n’ Wrist Bands”
  • “How to Play Photon Better” book
  • Photon party plans booklet
  • Photon Parts Catalog
  • Photon Uniform Franchise Offering Circular
  • A wealth of Photon magazine articles, newspaper articles, press releases, marketing materials, images, and calendars.

They also loaned to the Museum:

  • Photon Employee of the Month placard       
  • Photon medal
  • Two Photon Medallions                 
  • Twenty Photon coins
  • Two Photon brochure holders     
  • 3 Photon pins
  • Photon belt buckle                           
  • Two Photon key chains
  • Photon name badge          
  • Micheal Murphy name badge
  • Two unique Photon cups                
  • Two rare Photon mugs
  • Photon sticker                   
  • Photon briefing video on VHS
  • Photon phaser cord                         
  • Three Carter Bucks
  • Photon Flight Suit                           
  • Original Molecular Light set from Photon Kenilworth
  • Photon Toronto Uniform


Delta Strike – donated all 5 versions of the Delta Stike packs with all their classic phasers, trade show banners, and a gaming program handheld device.

Damicus, Steve – former owner of Lazer Xtreme, Thornton, CO donated two Actual Reality packs and phasers.

Desiderioscioli, Vincent A – Director of LaserTagVideo.com donated a number of Photon memorabilia from the Kenilworth, NJ location including the following: 

  • Blank Photon membership card 
  • Photon “2 for 1” pass
  • Photon “Bring a Friend” Pass
  • Photon Business Card
  • Photon Brochure Holder
  • Photon Brochure


E-Bay Acquisition #1 – Photon Lunchbox for the home version of Photon laser games.

E-Bay Acquisition #2 – Lasertron T-shirt (circa 1995 approximately)

E-Bay Acquisition #3 – poster announcing the Grand Opening Gala of the first ever Photon in Dallas, TX.

E-Bay Acquisition #4 – prototype for the Photon pod holders of the original manufacturer, dated 1984.

E-Bay Acquisition #5 – Laser Port Pro vest and phaser

E-Bay Acquisition #6 – Photon Presto Magix Poster

E-Bay Acquisition #7 – Lazer Shot Toy

E-Bay Acquisition #8 – Lazer Tag Assault Set

E-Bay Acquisition #9 – Lazer Tag Starlyte Pistol

E-Bay Acquisition #10 – Lazer Tag Target

E-Bay Acquisition #11 – 2 Lazer Tag Suits complete with belt, chest target, and hats

E-Bay Acquisition #12 – 2 Lazer Tag B.L.A.S.T.’s

E-Bay Acquisition #13 – 5 Lazer Tag Curtains

E-Bay Acquisition #14 – Lazer Tag Comforter

E-Bay Acquisition #15 – Lazer Tag Lunch Box and Thermos

E-Bay Acquisition #16 – Lazer Tag Pajama Top

E-Bay Acquisition #17  – 7 Lazer Tag Birthday Invitations

E-Bay Acquisition #18 – Photon electronic phaser and computerized target

E-Bay Acquisition #19 – Photon Collegeville Costume

E-Bay Acquisition #20 – Photon Novel #1 “For the Glory”

E-Bay Acquisition #21 – Photon Novel #2 “High Stakes”

E-Bay Acquisition #22 – Photon Novel #4 “This is Your Life, Bhodi Li”

E-Bay Acquisition #23 – Photon Novel #5 “Exile”

E-Bay Acquisition #24 – Photon Novel #6 “Skin Deep”

E-Bay Acquisition #25 – Photon Bhodi Li and Warriarr Action Figures

Evans, Sean & Pereira, Trish – President and Vice President of Q-Zar Systems donated 2 Q-Zar iQ packs with phasers and 5 Q-Zar Play Cards.

Ellers, Tim – Donated a High Voltage Laser Tag Team Captains Jersey


Fernt.com – Consisting of Photon enthusiasts: Paul Desiderioscioli, Vincent Desiderioscioli, Jed DeRose, and Gary Nevard – Donated a Photon phaser station

Ferraro, Brian and his family – Co-owner of Skateland Lockport, NY donated one of the last known fully functional Laser Storm Stargates.

Fischer, Aaron – CEO, Founder, and Developer of Laser Tag Pro donated 2 Battle Rifle Pro’s, The Clutch, and two Hi-Tech guns (HT-6 and HT-11) .

Francis, Ron – Founder and Director of Action Tag donated an Action Tag MK12,  an orange Action Tag G17, a Black Action Tag G17, and a Museum first Laser Tag Tank Barrel.

Franicevich, Davor – Owner of Laser Tag and Games, Metairie, LA donated a laser tag hat, a VeQtor pack, and an entire Stunner Pod.

FUNWORKS! Modesto, CA – Ross Briles – donated a number of artifacts from different manufacturers including:

  • 5 Actual Reality Packs
  • 3 Actual Reality Network Bases
  • An Actual Reality Scoreboard
  • An Actual Reality Downloader Box
  • 3 Actual Reality Fuse Switches
  • 14 Laser Chaser Packs
  • 2 Laser Chaser Charging Racks
  • A Laser Chaser Dongle
  • A Laser Chaser Downloader
  • Numerous other Laser Chaser Parts
  • 12 V1 Begeara Phasers
  • A V1 Begeara Mine
  • A V1 Begeara Handheld
  • A Begeara Scoreboard