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The following is a list of person’s who have contributed to the laser tag industry:


Latham, Will – Chief Engineer of Pulsar and Founder of Solaris Leisure.

Law, Allan – Technical Support for Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Leaventhal, Ron – Founder of Blaster Tag International

Lee, Chris – Tech for Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Levsen, Allan – Chief Technical Director of Actual Reality.

Lewis, Bill – Founder of Star Laser Force.

Lewis, David – Director for Laser Force UK.

Lowe, David – Founder and Director of Delta Strike International Limited.


Maciboric, Lorraine “Lodge” – Franchise Marketing Coordinator for Darkzone.

Marchido, Mark – U.S. and Canadian Sales Rep. for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Marshall, Peter – Founder and Co- Manager of Intersphere Holland.

Martineau, Bob – Key personnel for LaZer Runner.

May, Philip – Co-Owner of Lasertron (NZ).

McAninch, Shawn – Startup Consultant of Intersphere USA, L.C.

McBride. Doug – Vice President of Stunner.

McCarrison, Karl – Asia Pacific, UK, Ireland, and African Sale Rep. for Delta Strike International Limited.

McIntyre, Joe – Project Manager of Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

McNally, Brenda – Franchise Development Manager of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

McNutt, John -V.P. of Finance of Laser Storm.

McQuillen, Ryan – Executive Director of the ILTA.

Mills, Tom – Key Personnel of Laser Strike.

Morgan, Wayne – Vice President of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive)

Morris, Dave – Owner and President of Hangar51.

Mudie, Rod – Sales Director of Veqtor.

Mueller, Mark – Founder of Photon QEI.

Murphy, Brian – Director of Quasar Limited (UK).


Nash, Martin – Sales and Technical Support for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Mahdi Nematnejad – Vice President for Proshut Laser Tag

Newbury, Peter – Founder of LaserVenture laser tag.

Newman, Daniel – President of Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City, UT from 1995 through 1997.

Newman, Larry – Vice President of Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City, UT from 1995 through 1997.

Nunn, James – General Manager of Intersphere Holland.


O’Connor, Chris – Co-Owner of Darkzone Technologies, Inc.

O’Connor, Laurie-Ann – President of Darkzone Technologies, Inc.


Pawlak, Drew – Vice President of Ultrazone.

Pearce, Justin – Key personnel of Laser Sport.

Pegararo, Barbara – Founder of Laser Warrior.

Pegararo, Stephanie – Founder of Laser Warrior.

Penner, Sheryl – Executive Assistant for Darkzone.

Pereira, Trisha – Vice President of Q-Zar Systems, Inc.

Peretz, Dr. David – Founder of Laser Star.

Pester, Trent – Sales person for Lazer Runner.

Pickersgill, Phil – Co-Founder of Laser Quest.

Plache, Jonathan – Founder and President of Veqtor.

Plache, Richard – Key Personnel of Veqtor.

Plache, Roanne – Key Personnel of Veqtor.

Poole, Stuart – Key Personnel of Laser Strike.

Potts, Dennis – Cheif Engineer of Laser Storm.

Pourhossein, Mehdi – Manufacturing and Service Manager for Proshut Laser Tag

Price, Harrison A. – Director for Laser Storm.