March 12
Laser Storm/Space Sport Created

Laser Storm/Space Sport is created.

March 21
Laser Force (UK) Incorporated

Laser Force (UK) is incorporated.

October 24
Laserforce Registered

Laserforce is registered in Queensland, Australia.

April 8
Laserforce Played

Laserforce in Brisbane Australia plays their first game.

May 7
Vada Ceases Manufacturing

Vada Laser Systems ceases manufacturing.

Laserdrome Enters

LaserDrome enters the laser tag industry.

March 22
Leisure Quest Incorporated

Leisure Quest Entertainment, Inc, (LQE) is incorporated under the laws of Canada.

LQE Becomes Licensee

LQE is introduced to the Laser Quest concept after a trip to the U.K. A short time later they became the Master Licensee for the Laser Quest product in Canada.

October 6
Darklight Incorporated

DarkLight Systems Limited is incorporated in Lincoln, UK.

LQE Enters License Agreement

LQE entered into a Master License agreement for 17 states in the United States with Laser Quest U.K. Ltd.

Lasertron Starts Selling

LASERTRON begins to sell their equipment.

Laserforce Marketing

Domestic marketing begins on the Laserforce product.

Ultrazone Begins Maufacturing

Ultrazone begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

Laser Sport Begins Manufacturing

Laser Sport begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

Quasar Changes Name

A Quasar North American subsidiary is incorporated in Dallas, TX and the company changes its name from Quasar to Q-Zar.

Laser Force (UK) Begins Manufacturing

Laser Force (UK) begins manufacturing laser tag equipment after incorporating two years prior.

February 9
Pulsar Next Generation

Momentum Ltd. is commissioned by Pulsar to develop next generation laser tag system.

Actual Reality Developed

Tim Dallyn and Martin Shoebridge team up and develop the Actual Reality laser tag system.

First Lazer Runner Opens

The first Lazer Runner opens in Maryland.

May 4
Pulsar Begins Manufacturing

Pulsar begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

Meno Electronics Incorporated

Meno Electronics is incorporated in order for Q-Zar facilities to have an alternative choice for spares and repairs.

Laser Sport is Created

Laser Sport is created.

Intersphere Created

LMC Group creates Intersphere and starts distributing in the Benelux region of Europe.

DarkZone Distributes

DarkZone Technologies, Inc. begins to distribute in Canada.

January 3
Laser Quest UK Makes New Agreement

Laser Quest U.K. Ltd entered into a joint agreement with Leisure Entertainment Corp. (LEC) to develop their product in the United States and Mexico. This replaced the agreement between Laser Quest U.K. and LQE.

February 22
Laser Quest Corporation Formed

LQE combined with Kingscross Resources inc. Kingscross then combined with Ontario Inc. to form the Laser Quest Corporation.

June 1
Laser Star Distributes

Laser Star begins distributing laser tag equipment.

June 20
Laser Quest Corporation Combines

Laser Quest Corporation combined with LEC.

July 1
Q-Europe Incorporated

Q-Europe is incorporated in Dublin, Ireland with John Cooke, John Boyle and Thomas Butler as the company directors.

July 8
Intersphere USA Incorporated

RTS Entertainment Group, Limited is incorporated under the name Intersphere USA, Ltd.

August 1
Laser Shots Distributes

Laser Shots begins distribution in South America and Mexico.

Laser Quest Corporation Acquires Rights

Laser Quest Corporation acquired the rights to market and develop the Laser Quest concept in Central and South America and replaced the existing Master License agreement in Canada with an irrevocable license.

September 26
Laser X Trademark

RTS Entertainment Group Limited applied for a trademark for the name "Laser X', which is later abandoned.

Name Changed to Laser Storm

The Crimson Corporation changes its corporate name to Laser Storm.

Laser Quest Corporation Acquires Rights

Laser Quest Corporation Acquired the remaining world-wide rights to the Laser Quest concept through its wholly-owned subsidiary LQI. The rights for Europe still remained with Laser Quest U.K. Ltd.

November 15
Q-Zar Limited Incorporated

Q-Zar Limited is incorporated in the U.K. under director Ivano Cafallo.

December 2
Intersphere Holland Distribution Rights

Intersphere Holland announces that the distribution rights have been purchased by Todd Ferson.

Laserforce International marketing

International marketing begins for the Laserforce product.

DarkZone Created

DarkZone is created by P&C Micros.

LaserTrek Created

LaserTrek is created by Heads Up Technologies.

Space Sport Changes Name

Space Sport changes its name to Laser Storm.

Veqtor Begins Manufacturing

Veqtor begins manufacturing laser tag.

January 17
Intersphere USA, L.C. Incorporated

Intersphere USA, L.C. is incorporated by Todd Ferson.

February 21
Dissolution of Quasar Limited Begins

A meeting of creditors is posted in the London Gazette, beginning the dissolution process of Quasar Limited.

March 15
Holoz Begins Manufacturing

Holoz begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

March 30
Sub Label
Phaser Fun Opens Store

Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City, UT opens their only corporate store with equipment manufactured by them.

Q-Zar Incorporated

Q-Zar Inc. and Q-Zar Canada are incorporated in connection with the reorganization of Q-Zar Bermuda.

Q-Zar Inc. Purchases shares

Through the Q-Zar Inc. subsidiary Q-Europe Limited, Q-Zar Inc. purchases all of the outstanding shares of the companies comprising the QML Group. Q-Entertainment owns the worldwide intellectual property rights to substantially all Q-Zar products.

Quasar England Closes Down

Quasar England closes down and all European support is directed to Quasar Ireland. Later that year Quasar Ireland is renamed to Q-Zar International and is significantly scaled down.

Laser Warriors Begins Manufacturing

Laser Warriors starts to manufacture its own equipment.

Lazer Maze Opens

Lazer Maze opens its doors in Lake Forest, CA.

Laser Chaser Begins Manufacturing

Laser Chaser begins manufacturing.

Pulsar ceases Trading

Pulsar ceases trading.

LaserMaxx Founded

LaserMaxx is founded.

Laser Game Evolution Begins Manufacturing

Laser Game Evolution begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

Q-Zar Inc. Acquires Shares

Q-Zar Inc. acquires all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Entertainment Technologies, Inc.

April 18
Intersphere USA, L.C. Files for Trademark

Intersphere USA, L.C. files for trademark on "Laser X", which was later cancelled.

July 1
First Laser Space Opens

The first Laser Space is opened in Leviton, NY.

September 21
Intersphere USA, Ltd Dissolved

RTS Entertainment Group, Limited under the name of Intersphere USA, Ltd is dissolved.

October 22
ILTA first website

The International laser tag association launches the first version of their website.

Laser Star and Discovery Zone

Laser Star is hit hard by the bankruptcy of Discovery Zone.

Laser Reality Begins Manufacturing

Laser Reality begins to manufacture laser tag.

Laser Sport Ceases trading

Laser Sport ceases trading.

Photon QEI Opens

Photon QEI opens its doors and begins to manufacture laser tag.

Vultrek Ceases Trading

Vultrek effectively ceases trading.

January 10
Laser Quest Corporation Purchases Threshold Electronics

Laser Quest Corporation finalizes the deal to purchase Threshold Electronics Limited. Threshold had designed and manufactured Laser Quest's proprietary equipment.

June 17
Phaser Fun Manufacturing Stops

Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City ceases manufacturing.

June 24
Q-Zar Limited Dissolution Notice

A dissolution notice is posted in the London Gazette for Q-Zar Limited.

October 23
Actual Reality Starts Arena Division

Actual Reality developed an arena building division known as "Xtreme Themes and Design".

LaserBlast Begins Manufacturing

LaserBlast begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

November 25
Laser Force (UK) Manufacturing Stops

Laser Force (UK) ceases manufacturing laser tag equipment.

December 29
Q-Entertainment Bankruptcy

Q-Entertainment files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Name Changed to Laser Space

Dae Dong International changes the name of their laser tag equipment from Star Wars II to Laser Space.

Lazer Maze Manufacturing Stops

Lazer Maze in Lake Forest, CA ceases manufacturing.

Stun Laser Begins Manufacturing

Stun Laser begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

Q2000 Begins Manufacturing

Q2000 begins to manufacture and distribute laser tag equipment.

Holoz Manufacturing Stops

Holoz ceases laser tag manufacturing.

February 19
Laser Quest Corp. Becomes Versent Corp.

Laser Quest Corporation changes its name to Versent Corporation.

April 21
DarkLight Developments Incorporated

DarkLight developments Limited is incorporated in Gloucestershire, UK.

ILTA Dinner

The ILTA hosts the first ILTA Operator and Developer Dinner, which was an annual event until 2013.

Laser Mania Distributes

Laser Mania begins to distribute laser tag equipment.

Reflex Created

Reflex is created by Leisure International.

Name Changed to Laser Duel

Laser Reality changes its name to Laser Duel.

P&C Micros and DarkZone

P&C Micros begins to use the laser tag brand name "DarkZone" in Australia.

February 16
Laser Storm Leaves

Laser Storm leaves the industry.

Crystal Entertainment Founded

Crystal Entertainment, Inc. is founded by Peter Davies and Simon Willetts.

August 17
Stunner Enters

Stunner enters the laser tag industry.

September 14
DarkLight-Actual Reality Joint Marketing

DarkLight Developments Limited and Actual Reality International, Ltd. begin a joint marketing relationship.