February 15
Versent Corp. Acquired

Buckingham Technologies acquires Versent Corporation through purchasing 90.5% of their issued outstanding shares.

February 23
Zone Systems, Inc. Created

P&C Micros acquires Darkzone Technologies, Inc., Ultrazone Franchising and Crystal Entertainment, Inc. and create Zone Systems, Inc.

March 17
Darklight-Actual Reality Partnership Ends

DarkLight Developments and Actual Reality International, Ltd. end their joint partnership.

Hangar51 Created

Hangar 51 is created by Momentum, Ltd.

November 16
Laserforce International Marketing

Laserforce International Pty, Ltd is registered and all marketing starts to utilize the Laserforce International brand.

LaserNation Begins

LaserNation enters the laser tag industry.

Solaris Leisure Begins Manufacturing

Solaris Leisure begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

Darkzone Manufacturing Stops in Canada

P&C Micros ceases manufacturing Darkzone in Canada.

Laser Port Pro Created

Laser Port Pro is created.

Stun Laser Manufacturing Stops

Stun Laser ceases manufacturing.

Laser Matic Established

Laser Matic is established.

Actual Reality Sells Rights

Actual Reality sells both physical and intellectual property rights to Veqtor UK.

Vultrek Manufacturing Stops

Vultrek ceases manufacturing.

Hangar51 System Released

Hangr51's "Laser Storm" system is released by Momentum Ltd.

Ataka Begins Manufacturing

Ataka begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

StarTrooper Established

StarTrooper is established in China.

Q-zar Systems, Inc. Formed

Q-Zar Systems, Inc. located in Concord, CA is formed to purchase the assets of Q-Zar.

August 27
Laser Warriors Manufacturing Stops

Laser Warriors ceases manufacturing.

LTMSA Created

Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Association created.

ILTA Director Changes

The founder and Executive Director of the ILTA, Erik Guthrie, resigns to take a position with a laser tag manufacturer. Shane Zimmerman becomes the Executive Director.

Photon QEI Manufacturing Stops

Photon QEI ceases manufacturing.

November 5
Delta Strike International Limited Incorporated

Delta Strike International Limited is incorporated in Christchurch, New Zealand.

November 17
Rights Licensed

All of the holding rights to the intellectual property assets of Intersphere USA, L.C. are licensed over to a new corporation named Intersphere International.

Laser Force Plus Begins Manufacturing

Laser Force plus begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

Laser Space Manufacturing Stops

Laser Space ceases manufacturing.

Quasar Elite Begins Manufacturing

Quasar Elite begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

April 1
Laser Chaser Sold to LaserMaxx

Laser Chaser is sold to LaserMaxx.

August 4
LaserVenture Known

First known documentation of LaserVenture.

Solaris Leisure Manufacturing Stops

Solaris Leisure ceases manufacturing.

Laser Star Shifts Focus

Laser Star begins to focus more on shooting galleries rather than laser tag.

Laser Tag Museum Created

The ILTA creates the Laser tag Museum, located at Lazer Blaze in Louisville, KY.

Reflex Manufacturing Stops

Reflex ceases manufacturing laser tag equipment.

LaserTrek Manufacturing Stops

Heads Up Technology ceases manufacturing LaserTrek Equipment.

August 7
Intersphere International, L.C. Dissolved

Intersphere International, L.C. is dissolved.

September 5
Intersphere USA, L.C. Dissolved

Intersphere USA, L.C. is dissolved

November 1
Stunner Leaves industry

Stunner opts out of the laser tag industry.


The ILTA created the Outdoor Laser Tag Association (OLTA).

Laser Duel Leaves Industry

Laser Duel opts out of the laser tag industry.

Laser Port Pro Ceases Trading

Laser Port Pro ceases trading.

Plazma Force Created

Plazma Force is created by Media Vision, Inc.

Laser Strike Manufacturing Stops

Laser Strike ceases manufacturing.

Hangar51 Releases Outdoor System

Hangar 51 releases an outdoor laser skirmish system called "Battle Storm".

Laser Tag Insurance Program Created

the ILTA creates a nationwide laser tag insurance program for the laser tag industry.

March 17
LTMSA Motion to Retire

The LTMSA holds a conference where a motion to retire is passed.

April 12
Jerry Zucker Passes Away

Jerry Zucker, CEO of InterTech Group and majority stock owner of laser Quest passes away. 

Laser Tag Convention

The ILTA forms the Laser Tag Convention and co-hosts it with the Roller Skating Association and their roller skating convention.

X-Raid Founded

X-Raid is founded by Fabio Rossi and Guissepe Colazzo in Italy.

Laser Zone Manufacturing Stops

Lazer Zone stops manufacturing their own equipment after 25 years.