Q – U

This page contains donors “Q” through “U”.


Roberts, Ken – parted with his unique Lazer Tag (HM) Commercial Display Case.

Robles, JR – Energize Laser Tag – donated rare items from the latter days of Q-Zar such as IQ and Q-Tag phasers.

Rothwell, Pat – Founder and President of Laser Mania – donated two Laser Mania packs, three Intersphere packs, and three Laser Reality packs.



Salem Fun Factory – donated a LaserTron (USA) LT8 pack. 

Savard, Paul – Director of LaZer Runner – donated a red VeQtor pack and a yellow Laser Star vestless phaser.

Schilling, Jeff – Owner of Creative Works – donated unique cabinets at costs allowing the history to be put on display

Schwartz, Pete – National Sale Consultant of Zone Laser Tag – donated several rare items from multiple companies including Actual Reality, Laser Chaser, and Laser Storm.

Shaw, Darren – Owner of Fun City Entertainment Center, Sunshine, VIC, Australia – donated a Zone Laser Tag v2 Phaser, a Zone Laser Tag base, a Zone Laser Tag Target, and a Zone Laser Tag Infusion Interface Box. (Oct 22, 2013)

Shoebridge, Martin – Creator instrumental to Actual Reality, VeQtor, Laser Force (UK), and Pulsar laser tag companies – donated an Actual Reality phaser shell as well as an Actual Reality analog clock.  In 2012, Martin donated rare circuit boards for the early Actual Reality product.

Singh, Bachan – Owner of Magic Planet New Delhi, India – donated 4 Magic Planet shirts and 3 Laserforce shirts.

Smith, Graham and Robyn – Founders and Owners of Vultrek – donated numerous Vultrek items.

  • 2 Vultrek Gen1 Packs and Helmets
  • 2 Vultrek Gen2 Packs and Helmets
  • 3 Vultrek Shirts
  • 1 Vultrek Sweatshirt
  • 4 Vultrek Articles
  • 1 Vultrek Picture
  • 1 Vultrek Poster
  • 1 Quasar Article
  • 1 Vultrek Game Pass
  • 1 Vultrek Team Pass
  • 8 Vultrek Coupons
  • 1 Vultrek Member Card
  • 22 Vultrek Member ID’s
  • 3 Vultrek Pins

Southworth, Jim – Former Owner and Player – donated a Photon manual and a Photon molecular light.

StarTrooper – Donated 2 different versions of StarTrooper packs.

Steradian Technology – donated manuals, a game controller, and several Steradian phasers to show its progression throughout the years.

Stroud, Alex – General Manager of Laser Quest Swindon, UK – donated a Laser Quest Graffix Book, a Laser Quest sponsored Robo Cop poster, and a one-of-a-kind Laser Quest shield.

Stunner – donated 2 Stunner mouse pads.


TagFerret – World Authority on home market laser tag products, Co-Inventor of Lazer Tag Team Ops and software engineer for Lazer Tag. 

Trade Show Acquisition –  many interesting pieces of literature and memorabilia have been acquired from trade shows.

Turner, Jack – Owner – Lazer Blaze – donated a LaserTron LT 7 pack, a Crystal pack, and a donation of paying for the retail space occupied by the museum for many years as well as the display cases that made the display of this entire project possible.


Uhlyarik, Andras – Founder and Former Owner of Laser Chaser – donated a time capsule containing materials of over 25 different laser tag companies.

Ullrich, Craig – Managing Director of Laser Force Swindon, UK – donated a Laser Quest Graffix Book, a Laser Quest sponsored Robo Cop poster, and a one-of-a-kind Laser Quest shield.