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The following is a list of individuals who have contributed to the laser tag industry:


Gaddy, Jeremy – Managing Partner of LaserNation.

Gaizat, Eric – Director of Member Services of the ILTA.

Galli, Eduardo – Marketing Manager of Laser Shots.

Gareiss, Lathan – Technical Support for U.S. and Canada for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Geranio, Nick – Founder of Holoz.

Glover, David – Key Personnel of Laser Duel.

Grimm, Craig – Techincal Director of Laser Chaser.

Groos, David – Sr. Vice President of LaserTrek.

Guthrie, S. Erik – Former Vice President of Zone Laser Tag, Former Curator of the Laser Tag Museum, and Founder of the ILTA.

Gryspeer, Kris – Founder and CEO of Reflex.

Guida, Angelo – Designer and Developer of Molding for X-Raid.


Harris, Nigel – Marketing Manager of Laser Strike.

Harshaw, Robert – Founder and President/CEO of LaserTrek.

Haselhurst, Geoff – Founder of Quasar/Q-Zar.

Haycraft, Arthur – Sales and Marketing Manager of DarkLight Laser Tag.

Haycraft, Jimmy – Founder and President of DarkLight Laser Tag.

Healy, Tim – In charge of Sales and Marketing of Actual Reality.

Hennigar, Tim – Key personnel for LaZer Runner.

Hicks, Nathan – Operations Manager for Laser Quest GB.

Hilbrig, John – Managing Director of Laser Force (UK).

Hise, Travis – Key person of Lazer Maze.

Holmes, Patrick – Founder and Managing Director of Zone Laser Tag.

Hosseini, Arash – Founder and President of Proshut Laser Tag

Hosseini, Seyyed Mohammad – Counsellor for Proshut Laser Tag

Howard, Bridget – Key Personnel of Vada.

Howard, Christopher – Key Personnel of Vada.

Howard, Dennis – Founder of Vada.


Iverson, Steve – President for Intersphere USA.


Jackson, Dave – U.S. and Canadian Sales Rep. for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

James, David – President of Versent Corporation.

James, F. Gregory – President and Chief Executive Officer of Versent Corporation.

James, Simon – Co-Founder of Laser Quest.

Jeon, Andrew – Assistant Manager of Laser Space.

Johnson, James – V.P. of Real Estate and Construction of Laser Storm.


Bahareh Kalantari – Field Designer for Proshut Laser Tag

Kalantari, Malihe – Sales Director for Proshut Laser Tag

Kariminasab, Amirhamzeh – Software Designer for Proshut Laser Tag

Kavanagh, John – Secretary of Quasar Limited (UK).

Keeping, Alan – Director of Sales for LaserBlast. 

Kelly, Allan – Owner and Founder of Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Kelly, Len – Owner and Founder of Laserforce International Pty. Ltd

Kelly, Sam – Sales Rep. for Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for Laserforce International Pty. Ltd.

Kessler, Ann – Professional Sales Advisor for LaserTron.

Kessler, Jim – Founder and Owner of LaserTron.

Kessler, Steve – Co-Founder of LaserTron.

Kessler, Michael D. – V.P. of Operations and Sales of Laser Storm.

Khostavan, Vahaab – Aftersales Service Provider of Proshut Laser Tag

King, Douglas – Co-Founder of Darkzone. 

Kitchener, Peter – Co-Founder of Laserton (NZ)

Kuske, Peter – Key Person of Laser Force UK.