L – P

This page contains donors “L” through “P”.


Lander, Nicole – Co-Founder of Battlefield Sports – donated the following:

  • 2 Berserkers
  • 1 Spitfire
  • 3 Laser Tag in a Box magnets
  • 4 Laser Skirmish magnets
  • 4 Battlefield Sports dog tags
  • 11 Battlefield Sports dog tag business cards
  • a team building brochure
  • a Battlefield Sports brochure
  • a Trade Matters brochure 

LaserArena.Co.Uk – donated a Version 2 and Version 3 Pulsar packas well as a Pulsar charging box.  

Laser Blast
 – donated a new Laser Blast pack and phaser, as well as their signature safari hat.

Laser Club – donated a Laser Club pack and phaser, the Laser Quest pack that inspired Laser Club, and some marketing materials. 

LaserMaxx – donated two Laser Rings from Virtual Laser Systems (Germany) and a VLS game card and pamphlet. 

Laser Quest Intl. – Tim Aldou & Olivier Bruant – donated a pristine Laser Quest R-10 pack. 

LaserWar – donated an AK-12LT along with a wireless handband, LaserWar literature for the Museum’s archives, and a LaserWar software disc.

Leaventhal, Ron – donated 3 Blaster Tag International posters, a Blaster Tag brochure, and two versions of Blaster Tag laser tag equipment.

Lewis, Bill – Founder of Star Laser Force – donated three incredibly rare Star Laser Force Packs, a Star Laser Force Remote, and a Star Laser Force logic board transparency sheet.

Lewis, Brad “RoMeR” – donated a number of unique Photon items. 

Lockhart, Logan – donated a Laser Storm shirt, a Ra arena prop, Laser Storm stickers, Laser Storm marketing folder, Laser Storm score cards, a Laser Storm arena map of a Laser Storm facility in Lockport NY, two LaserTron LT 9 packs, an early version of Laser Chaser, and a Laser Storm arena divider, and a version 1 Laser Blast pack.



Media Vision Inc. – donated a prototype Plazma Force Laser Tag equipment.

Miller, Victor – former partner, Q-Support – donated a rare prototype Q-2000 pack without a phaser.

Mitchell, Eddie – Owner – Hickory Dickory Dock, Hickory, NC – donated Q-Tag posters, Q-2000 phasers, and Q-Zar signs.

Morgan, Dexter – Owner of Tac-Ops Fresno, CA – donated a deathmatch medallion.

Morris, Dave – donated a Hangar51 phaser.

Muller, Marc – Owner of Laser Sport XP in Laurel, Maryland – donated a green Photon Player’s Association Pod and two V4 Photon Phasers. 



Nelis, Joe – donated a Laser Storm Stock Certificate, numerous Laser Storm tournament trophies, and a wealth of materials from different laser tag manufacturers and laser tag trade shows.

Nelson, Roger – Founder and CEO of Deep Forest Productions – loaned the Museum a number of Laserforce items including: a Gen 2 pack, a Gen 3 Pack and phaser, a Gen 4 pack and phaser, and a Gen 1 target.

Newbury, Peter and Carolyn – Founders of Laser Venture, donated a brand-new Crystal Light and an original version of Laser Venture.

Newman, Dan – Founder of Phaser Fun, donated a Phaser Fun pack. 

Niehoff, Jim and Theresa – Owners of Lazertag Extreme Simi Valley, CA – Donated two LaserTron LT-10.3 packs and a wealth of marketing materials from 1994 from multiple manufacturers. 


Oskander, Alexander
 – Director of TRUTNEE – donated a Megazone Ukraine T-shirt.



Parker, Matt – acquired the Teal’c and Chewbacca signed Helios Pro packs.

Patek, Matthew – Phocon Attendee – donated a Photon (Home Market) Novel called “Thieves of Light”. 

Pawlak, Drew – Vice President of Ultrazone Franchising (now Zone Laser Tag) – donated a number of Ultrazone posters and flyers.

Peklenk, Charles – Classic Laser Tag Player – donated rare memorabilia from Lazer Zone, Photon, and Star Laser Force and also donated a LaserTron Rules VHS, Lazer Zone activity report, a Lazer zone press release, a Lazer Zone article, and a Lazer Tag Official Game Handbook. 

Pickersgill, Phil – co-founder of Laser Quest and former Managing Director of Megazone Technologies – donated a 1992 Laser Quest briefing video as well a number of rare Laser Quest newspaper articles. 

Potts, Dennis – Chief Engineer of Laser Storm – donated 3 Laser Storm T-shirts.

Prescott, John – Owner and Operator of the UK’s only Laser Strike equipped facility from New Zealand. allowed the museum to acquire the only known original Laser Strike packs.