G – K

This page contains donors “G” through “K”.


Gariess, Lathan – Owner – Xtreem Lasertag, Lehigh Acres, FL – donated:

  • two Actual Reality Interactive CD-Roms
  • a 1999 LaserTrek Promo
  • a Laser Chaser demonstration video
  • a LaserTron (USA) Video
  • a stack of White Hutchinson Leasuer and Learning Group informative papers
  • a Children’s Edutainment Packet
  • a Laser Mania Booklet
  • a Laserforce Gen 6 Pack (that he wired to be lit up while on display)

Gedhardt, Jeff – Owner – Craig’s Cruisers, Grand Rapids, MI donated a LaserTron LT10 pack.

Greeves, Malcolm – donated a Zone Laser Tag Infusion pack.

Grey, Ryan – Owner -Party Dome, Odessa, MO donated Laser Mania packs.

Grcic, Ivy – Founder of DDTR Lasertag donated a Spitfire, a Pulse, and the Museum’s first Claymore.

Groos, David – Vice President of LaserTrek donated a few amazing posters as well as a LaserTrek pack.

Guthrie, Erik – Former Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Zone Laser Tag – donated a Golden Phaser Award, a Laser Storm pin, a Laser Storm player unit, and 2 Laser Storm mugs.


Hall, Kevin – Owner of Laserforce Auckland donated a Laserforce Shirt.

Harding, Mark “Chook” – donated a Zone Laser Tag prototype for the V2 Phaser, a Zone Laser Tag prototype for the V3 Phaser, a Zone tournament team can cozy, a Zone tournament team necklace, and a Phasor Strike phaser shell along with a wealth of other materials.

Hargrove, Scott “TEXX” – Player – donated Photon Marketing Kit and Publicity photos; the Photon Bible and a rare print of “The Knights of Photon”.

Haugland, John “LazerBait” – Enthusiast – donated the following:

  • a manufacturer’s sample of the iconic white Starlyte Pistol
  • a manufacturer’s sample white Sensor
  • a digital watch with the Lazer Tag logo
  • a Lazer Tag VHS tape with two commercials
  • two Lazer Tag walkie talkies
  • a Lazer Tag Hat
  • 3 Lazer Tag sensors
  • one Lazer Tag chest strap with holster
  • a standard Starlyte Pistol
  • 16 Lazer Tag Pins
  • numerous Lazer Tag instructional booklets

Hennis, Dave – Owner – Laser X/Country Club Lanes, Sacramento, CA – donated an Intersphere pack.

Hicks, Nathan – Nathan is the Operations Director of Laser Quest GB. He and Nick Brunt donated a number of items including:

  • Laser Quest R16 Clear vest and phaser shell
  • Special report commissioned in 1992 regarding the Australian Laser Game Market.
  • Quasar Elite scoreboard
  • Quasar Elite vest shell and phaser shell
  • Laser Quest t-shirt
  • Laser Quest hat
  • Original artwork of 3 drawings for promotional purposes
  • Special report on a product that never came to market called “Roller Quest”
  • Investor document
  • Newspaper articles
  • Photo of Laser Quest Leicester

Hilbrig, John – Technical Director of Laser Force (UK) – Donated a Prototype of the next version of the Laser Force (UK) phaser. The prototype was never placed in production as Laser Force (UK) has ceased trading.

Hinkle Family Fun Center – donated a Lazer Runner Arch along with twenty Lazer Runner vests and a Lazer Runner game computer. 

Hollenbeck, Ben – donated a Photon “Mega Warrior” pin. 

Holmes, Kate – Managing Director of P&C Micros – donated a vast collection of pictures, pamphlets, and articles of Zone Laser Tag from around the world.

Holmes, Pat – Owner of P&C Micros – donated a Markston Prototype and a Helios Pro Prototype.


ILTA – Donated a Laser Chaser pack, a LaserTrek ball cap, and an award given to George ” The Creator” Carter.

iCombat – Loaned the Museum:

  • – a Gen1 irM4
  • – a Gen1 irVest
  • – an original Predator
  • – an Eagle Eye
  • – a Barracuda
  • – a Predator Games dog tag necklace
  • – The “Gryphon” prototype laser tag product


Jackson, Dave – Owner of Laser Edge Clinton Township, MI – donated a wealth of marketing materials from the industry.

Jennings, Steve – Owner – Q-2000, Watford, UK – donated a large collection of Quasar, Q-Zar and Q-2000 items:

  • 1 each of the Q-2000 florescent red and green vest
  • 1 Q-2000 ebony black vest and phaser
  • 1 Q-2000 black cloth vest
  • MegaQuest phaser with electronics and harness (predates laser tag vests)
  • Laser Quest gun board electronic assembly from 1989
  • Q-Zar’s legendary iQ electronics for the vest and the phaser
  • 2 Q-Tag phaser shells and vests
  • 2 Quasar Mark IIIB Phaser shells (circa 1991)
  • Various iQ circuit boards
  • 2 Laser Quest (Threshold Electronics) circuit boards
  • 2 Quasar Energizers (circa 1990)

Johns, Eric – Owner – Laser Storm of Westminster, CO – donated impossible to find conceptual drawings and posters of Laser Storm Corporation.


Kelly, Len – Creator of Laserforce – donated an incredibly rare, first generation of Laserforce equipment, MK1 pack.