Acquisition Policy

Acquisition Policy aka “What We Are Looking For”:

The Laser Tag Museum collection focuses on the past and the history of laser tag. As such, we are not seeking current production models of any items and only pursue laser tag hardware that is five or more years old, with the occasional exception if the item has historical significance. For example, laser tag items used in a movie or television show, items autographed by a celebrity or items that may be particularly difficult to obtain in the future may be included in the collection at the caretaker’s discretion.

Traditional or tactical items of interest are those that would have been used in a commercial business and toy laser tag items of interest are those that were sold in stores. We are not seeking hobbyist laser tag samples.

Have An item to Add?:

If you own a laser tag related item that you do not see included on this website and would like to discuss adding it to the collection, please contact

Sincere Thanks:

The Laser Tag Museum collection has grown over the years through the generous donations of people throughout the world. Artifacts in the collection have come from Australia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States.

Key individuals that have been instrumental to the development of the industry have given rare, priceless and one-of-the-kind items to be added to the collection. Many of the items are prototypes or the last remaining version of the laser tag equipment or possessions that were cherished yet still donated. For all this generosity we say a sincere thank you!

The Wish List:

We do have a wish list or items we would like to obtain. Do you know the whereabouts of any of these laser tag items?

  • LazerZone (one of the earliest laser tag systems, based in Chicago)
  • Vada (the predecessor of many laser tag systems, based in New Zealand)
  • Laser Force (UK)
  • LaserMaxx – Version 1
  • HoloZ (there were only three locations where this equipment was used)
  • Phasor Strike Vest (we have a phaser…would love to find a pack to go with it)
  • Laserdrome (there was only ever one location using this equipment based in Sydney, Australia)
  • Laser Republic – company in India
  • ProShut Laser Tag – company in Iran
  • Sama Company
  • Space Sport – based in Boulder, CO
  • Stun Laser
  • Reflex Laser Games (based in Belgium)
  • LASERTRON (any equipment before LT 7; also looking for an LT-11 and/or a LT 11.5)
  • VeQtor – FlightPaQ vest
  • Netronic (formerly LaserTag(dot)Net)
  • Z-TAG 

If you can help us find any of these items to add to the collection, please contact