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The following is a list of person’s who have contributed to the laser tag industry:



Reese, Gary – Founder and President of LaserNation.

Ribaldi, Lorenzo – Software Developer of X-Raid.

Riddel, Andrew – General Manager of Intersphere Holland.

Robyn, Graham – Co-Founder of Vultrek.

Robinson, Barry – Key Personnel of Laser Strike.

Robinson, Hugh – Founder of Laser Strike.

Rohrs, Marcel – Founder of LaserMaxx.

Rossi, Fabio – CEO of X-Raid.

Rothwell, Pat – Founder and President of Laser Mania.


Sanders, Gary – Founder of Laser Port Pro and key person of Lazer Maze (USA).

Savard, Paul – Sales Rep. for LaZer Runner.

Sayers, Charles Gavin – Senior Vice President of Business Development for Q-Zar Franchising Inc. (USA).

Schaffer, Ray – Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Stunner.

Schnelle, Troy – Key Personnel for Lazer Runner.

Schurek, Kenn – President and Owner of the Lazer Runner brand and former Canadian distributor for the Laser Force (UK) brand.

Schwarzmann, Eric – V.P. of Marketing and Product Development for Laser Storm.

Shoebridge, Martin – Director of Actual Reality and Technical Innovator, who was also involved in many other laser tag companies. He was a major technical contributor to Pulsar, Laser Force (UK) and Veqtor.  On November 15, 2012, Mr. Shoebridge was awarded an “Industry Innovator” award by the International Laser Tag Association.

Smith, Graham – Co-Founder of Vultrek. 

Sokolosky, Chevis – Arcade Operations Managaer of Advanced Entertainment Concepts (USA) (Inactive).

Soleymanpour, Rahim – Chief Technical Consultant for Proshut Laser Tag

Stace, Frank – Co-Founder of Phasor Strike.

Stripsky, Harold – Director for Laser Storm.

Strode, Chris – Technical Manager of DarkLight Laser Tag.

Sundquist, Jeff – Vice President, Corporate Development of Actual Reality.

Sweet, Brian – Sales Representative of Ultrazone.


Taman, Marv  Founder of Lazer Maze.

Tarasov, Alexander – Founder and President of Ataka.

Taylor, Tony – Company Director of Pulsar.

Timoney, John – Key Personnel of Laser Strike.

Torrado, Rodolfo – Director of Laser Shots.

Twiss, Bill – Co-Founder of Laser Strike.

Tyndall, Jeff – Electronics and Software Design of DarkLight Laser Tag.


Uhlyarik, Andras – Founder and President of Laser Chaser.

Uhlyarik, Monika – Key person of Laser Chaser.