Laser Force Plus Manufacturing Stops

Laser Force Plus ceases manufacturing.

March 1
ILTA Changes Director

The Executive Director of the ILTA, Shane Zimmerman, resigns to take a position with a laser tag manufacturer. In September 2011 Ryan McQuillen (former Vice President of Laserforce International) accepts the Executive Director position.

Sama Laser Tag Developed

Sama Laser Tag and Paintball is developed in Tehren, Iraq.

August 1
Laser Shots Transfers Distribution to Zone Systems

Rodolfo Torrado retires from Laser Shots and hands over distribution rights to Zone Systems.

ILTA Creates Museum Website

The ILTA created a website to showcase the artifacts of the Laser Tag Museum.

LaserNation Manufacturing Stops

LaserNation ceases manufacturing.

Intersphere Manufacturing Stops

Intersphere ceases manufacturing.

Laser Republic Begins Manufacturing

Laser Republic begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

January 2
ILTA Decides to Dissolve

ILTA board has a meeting and decides to dissolve the ILTA.

January 28
ILTA Closes Its Doors

The ILTA closes its doors.