The Laser Tag Museum collection is maintained with a dedication to preserving the history and evolution of the 40-year laser tag industry.

This website celebrates the laser tag in all its forms. Millions of people have enjoyed playing laser tag over the years. There is so much versatility within the industry, allowing for laser tag games to be played in indoor arenas, outdoor fields, in parks, homes or almost anywhere with equipment ranging from traditional to tactical to home market options.

Laser tag began in Dallas, TX with the launch of the first commercial arena laser tag game, Photon. Since that time Laser tag has been enjoyed in more than 70 countries and has become so recognizable in pop culture that is frequently referenced in television, movies and more. 

The purpose of maintaining a collection of laser tag artifacts is to preserve all aspects of the laser tag industry and its evolution over time. In addition to traditional commercial arena laser tag products, the collection has grown to include hundreds of items including tactical laser tag, home market and toy laser tag as well as original artwork, brochures, tournament t-shirts and souvenirs. 

The Laser Tag Museum collection was first put on display in 2005 at Lazer Blaze in Louisville, KY.  Currently the collection is being archived through videos and photos with new online virtual exhibits being created so that it can be displayed online and be enjoyed by an even wider audience of laser tag enthusiasts. 

Sincere thanks go out to the generous donors throughout the laser tag industry that have provided items to this collection to be preserved and appreciated. 

The Laser Tag Museum collection is a non-revenue generating endeavor (aka a labor of love) simply intended to preserve and share the history of laser tag. Thank you to all who have made that possible. Please enjoy viewing the collection and checking back for the new updates we are working on adding very soon!