March 28
Photon Opens

This is effectively the start of the laser tag industry.

September 30
Laser Zone Manufacturing

Laser Zone begins to manufacture its own laser tag, just 6 months after Photon.

April 16
Star Laser Force Opens

Star Laser Force opens it's first and only facility.

March 25
Vultrek Receives Patent

Vultrek receives a patent from IP Australia for their laser game equipment.

June 27
Laser Strike Manufacturing

Laser Strike begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

July 5
Vultrek Registers Name

Vultrek registers its official business name.

September 23
LaserTron Incorporated

LASERTRON is incorporated in Amherst, New York.

December 6
LaserTron (NZ) Opens

LaserTron (NZ) opens their doors in Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand.

December 6
Laser Sport Manufacturing

Laser Sport begins manufacturing in Boulder, Colorado.

January 27
Blaster Tag International Founded

Blaster Tag International is founded by Ron Leaventhal.

March 10
Quasar Files For Trademark

Quasar files trademark application with IP Australia.

June 1
Quasar Opens

The first Quasar opens up in Perth, Australia.

November 16
Kelly Brothers Games Registered

Kelly Brothers Games Pty. Ltd. is registered in Queensland, Australia.

David Cox Buys Quasar

David Cox buys the UK rights for the Quasar laser game system.

LaserTron (NZ) Ends Manufacturing

LaserTron (NZ) ceases manufacturing laser tag equipment.

January 18
Vultrek IV Registered

Vultrek IV is registered in Queensland, Australia and is owned by the Kelly brothers.

March 3
Vada Laser Systems Incorporated

Vada Laser Systems is incorporated.

March 31
Quasar Limited Incorporated

Quasar Limited is incorporated in the UK under Ivano Cafallo of LeisureCorp.

May 4
Phasor Strike Manufacturing

Phasor Strike begins manufacturing laser tag.

July 11
Phasor Strike U.K. Incorporated

Phasor Strike U.K. is incorporated.

December 28
LaserTron Equipment Used

The first LaserTron equipment is used in a facility.

Laser Quest Manufactures

Laser Quest begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.


Phasor Strike merges with Zone Empire.

October 25
Phasor Strike U.k. Limited Changes Name

Phasor Strike U.K. limited changes its name to Laser Quest U.K. Limited.

Photon Stops Trading

Photon effectively ceases trading.

LeisureCorp Buys Quasar

Irish Businessman from the company LeisureCorp buys the rights for Quasar from David Cox.