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A New Era for the Laser Tag Museum Collection

This is the start of a new era for the Laser Tag Museum collection. The laser tag items that have been acquired over the years, first by the ILTA and then by the former Laser Tag Museum curator, were passed into my care at the end of 2023. 

This is a time of transition. I am happy to step in as the new caretaker for the collection because it allows me an opportunity to display the items here for anyone in the world who wants to see them, while also detailing the stories that have been shared with me about their history and role in the evolution of the laser tag industry. At this time, I will be doing this largely online through photos, videos and virtual curated exhibits. This will be an ongoing process with much more to share here soon!

What you should know about me…

I am a huge laser tag enthusiast! Showcasing this collection is a complete volunteer effort and labor of love to continue making it available for viewing online, sharing my passion for laser tag and the people and businesses who make it possible for the world to enjoy. You may be interested to know that I am NOT employed by any laser tag manufacturer or laser tag related company. I simply appreciate all forms of laser tag and that is what drives me to continue to make this website available, now with a redesigned look and new content being added as well.

I am thankful to everyone who has provided any items to be part of this collection. I have the greatest respect for that generosity and pledge that while this collection is privately maintained, it will continue to be preserved and displayed here as part of an ongoing commitment to keep the history and artifacts of laser tag available to be viewed by all who wish to learn more about the evolution of the laser tag industry. 

There is a lot more content that I am actively in the process of adding including even more photos and videos, so please check back to see how this new website display continues to grow.

Any questions regarding the collection may be directed to

Thank you,
Laurie Jean Britton (aka Tivia)