Lazer Tag Team Ops Tag Master Blaster
Lazer Tag Team Ops Tag Master Blaster

Lazer Tag Team Ops

Founder: Shoot the MoonNexus Software

Date Established: 2003

Date Closed: Still Active

Key Personnel:
David Small – Developer
Paul Rago - Developer

Equipment: LTTO kept a full score for the game, even including who tagged who and how many times, without the need for any external computer or data handling system. Players could define their own games, and a communications protocol was developed that allows future gear to teach old gear how to play new games so that older gear will not become unusable with new gear.

History: Lazer Tag Team Ops, also known as LTTO, started in 2003 when David Small and Paul Rago of Shoot the Moon wanted to re-develop Lazer Tag. Lazer Tag Team Ops is what resulted. The main goal for David and Paul was to learn from their mistakes from their days with Worlds of Wonder and make a system with features that hadn’t been used before and would “stand the test of time”. They wanted to take computer games out of the computer and put them into real life.

Lazer Tag Team Ops is still active today.


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