Pulse Ranger

Founder: Lasersport International, Ltd.

Date Established: 2000

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel: Unknown

First Field: Laser Combat – Waterville, Ireland

Equipment: Pulse Ranger didn’t offer players replicated military weapons, they provided their customers with their own unique laser tag gun. Their Pulse Ranger gun could act as a machine gun, or grenade launcher, it also provided sound effects and a red dot sight. Pulse Ranger outfitted players with a helmet that allowed the player to know when they’ve been hit or when they’ve “tagged” an enemy player.

Pulse Ranger also had a versatile piece of equipment called the Pulse Ranger Octagon. It could act as a target, a mine, a sentry, and even a time bomb. The Octagon could be used to defend and/or attack.

History: Pulse Ranger started in the United Kingdom when Lasersport International, Ltd. began manufacturing and developing the system in 2000. According to the snapshots of Pulse Ranger’s website, Lasersport International, Ltd. stopped manufacturing and development in 2009.

From The Curator (October 13, 2014):  We received a message from Andrés Daníel Kristjánsson on our Facebook page informing us that Pulse Ranger is not closed.  We do not have a website or a contact person who is representing the company but for now we are listing this manufacturer as still active.  Check back soon for updates.



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