FounderMartin Dupuis

Date Established: 2007

Date Closed2013

Number of Locations: Unknown

Key Personnel: 
Martin Dupuis – Founder and CEO
Joost Carpaji - Engineer

First Facility: Unknown

Equipment: Dupuis Laser Products created two types of equipment, their laser tag gun, called the Mantiz, and a sort of all-in-one piece of equipment called the Centipod. The Centipod can do many things during the game; it can act as a medic box, an ammo box, engineer box, respawn point, control point, target, mine, VIP box, or even a bomb.

History: Dupuis Laser Products was created in the Netherlands by Martin Dupuis in 2007. It is believed that sometime in 2013, Lasermaxx, another laser tag manufacturer from the Netherlands, acquired Dupuis Laser Products and began to market the Mantiz and Centripod laser tag system themselves.


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