Laser Tag Museum Donor
Laser Tag Museum Donor
Model AK-12LT
Model AK-12LT
LaserWar Lit
LaserWar Lit
LaserWar Disc
LaserWar Disc



Alexey Tereschenkov – Business Director
Sergey Tereschenkov – CEO

Date Established: 2008

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:

Alexey Tereschenkov - Business director
Andrey Kotlyar - Sales manager
Victoria Ushakova - Sales manager
Alexey Kovzharov - Tech. support
Konstantin Rublevskiy - Deputy engineering manager
Pavel Titov - Director of Supplies
Ivan Moiseev - Service manager
Dmitriy Makeenkov - Editor-in-Chief
Sergey Tereschenkov - CEO

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: When a customer plays LaserWar, they walk onto the battlefield with a laser tag gun and a headband. The headband holds 4 sensors for other players to tag and the guns holds sensors as well.

LaserWar’s laser tag guns are all replicates of military weapons. They offer many types of weapons to customers, from snipers to pistols and rocket launchers to submachine guns. They also offer weapons from WWII such as the MP-40 and Thompson machine guns.

History: Ever since its introduction in 2008, LaserWar has been distributing its laser tag all over the world, they have opened sites in Russia, Spain, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Estonia, etc.

LaserWar is still an active manufacturer today.


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