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Founder: Greg Smith and Geoff Eberle

Date Established: 2005

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Greg Smith - Co-Founder
Geoff Eberle – Co-Founder

First Facility: Unknown

Equipment: FragTag produces laser tag guns that are replicates of military weapons. These replicates include submachine guns, snipers, assault rifles, light machine guns, and even a mounted heavy machine gun. FragTag players also wear sensors for other players to tag on their head.

Customers who use FragTag at their location can also receive an Odin Controller. This is a hand-held portable device that is used to program and control the game (including the administrative functions for the referee).

FragTag also offers interactive pieces of equipment like the utility box and a simulated time bomb. The utility box allows players to perform all the functions of an on-field physician, or a medic. And the simulated time bomb is what you think it is, a simulated time bomb.

History: FragTag was established by Geoff Eberle and Greg smith in 200 and is currently located in Geelong, Australia. Fragtag was originally inspired by the Worlds of Wonder laser tag equipment and the MILES tag system.

FragTag is still active today.


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