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DDTR Pulse
DDTR Pulse
DDTR Spitfire
DDTR Spitfire
DDTR Claymore
DDTR Claymore

DDTR Lasertag


Founder: Ivy and Zlatko Grcic

Date Established: 2001

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Zlatko Grcic - Co-Founder
Ivy Grcic - Co-Founder

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: DDTR Lasertag Equipment has a number of variations in their lineup. Their lineup includes:

The Pulse No.1 


The Spitfire No.1 spitfire1

The Morita Saw No. 1 - Originally built in 2002morita1

The Pulse No. 2 pulse2

The Claymore claymore1

The M16 M16

The M4 M4

The Scorpion scorpion1

The P90 p901

The Saber M9 SaberM9

The MP7 MP7

The Brand New Battle Box battlebox

History: DDTR's first gun, dubbed "The Pulse", was produced by Evergreen Electronics in 2001. Zlatko Grcic handmade this gun in Clifton Beach.

The Spitfire No. 1 was designed and hand made by Zlatko Grcic in early 2002. This was the first gun to be sold to an independent laser tag site. The Spitfire has gone through multiple evolutions since 2002.

The Morita Saw No. 1 was built in February 2002. These were just the second lot of laser guns Evergreen technologies sold and were the first commercial guns made. This entire gun, even the electronics, was made by Zlatko Grcic.

In August 2002 the original Pulse was redesigned by Zlatko to closely resemble the rifle used by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movie series. Zlatko deveopled and sold the company's first Claymore in June 2002. Over the years the company continued to try to improve the Claymore.

The company had to stop production for a couple of weeks because of a fire in the Clifton Beach Factory in 2003.


The M4, M16 and the Scorpion were all developed by Zlatko in 2004.  Ever since the release of the Scorpion, it has been the best selling gun in the company history.

In 2007 Evergreen Electronics changed it's name to Grcic Corp Pty Ltd. DDTR Lasertag is a subsidiary of Grcic Corp Pty Ltd.


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