Action Ukraine Lasertag

Founder: Sergey Shvetsov

Date Established: 2004

Date Closed: Still active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Sergey Shvetsov - Founder

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: Action Ukraine Lasertag uses laser guns that replicate military weapons, such as sniper rifles, machine guns, rifles, pistols, and even a rocket launcher. The player is given a headset that holds sensors for other players to tag as well as the sensors on the guns themselves.

Action Ukraine Lasertag players can play one of 6 game modes:

•    "The Battle”; all players receive armor class 6 and 990 rounds of ammunition, divided into two teams and take in its location. The objective is to capture the base or destroy the enemy team.

•    "Act of terrorism"; all players receive armor class 6 and 990 rounds of ammunition, are divided into two teams of 8 and occupy the territory of its location. The "Terrorists" get the bomb before the game and must be delivered to the site of the terrorist attack, activate, and get a safe distance from the mine to wait for the explosion. The "Special Forces" at any cost should not prevent successful completion of a terrorist attack.

•    "9ROTA"; Players are divided into two teams of 12 people. Players who are on defense take a more advantageous position on the ground, are given 990 rounds of ammunition, armor class 6 and a base that must be protected. "Forwards" or the offensive team, get 600 rounds of ammunition and armor class 6, but in the case of death the player returns to the base, which is activated again and again in the battle. The goal of the defenders - defend your base for 15 minutes. The purpose of the attackers - to destroy the base.

•    “Survivor"; All players get pre-game armor class 6 and 990 rounds of ammunition and then distributed on the playground, taking a position favorable to themselves. The goal: stay alive by destroying the rest for 15 minutes.

•    "The Bodyguard"; The operation for the protection of VIP - persons. The goal: to deliver the VIP to the point of evacuation. VIP gets armor class 1 and 100 rounds of ammunition, bodyguards get armor class 2 and 600 rounds of ammunition, 2 killers have 600 rounds of ammunition and armor class 3.

•    "Mission Impossible”: 1 person - "Superhero", with 990 rounds of ammunition and armor grade 6 must undermine and destroy the enemy base, which is guarded by “bodyguards” with 100 rounds of ammunition and armor class 1. As an option the "Superhero" can be equipped with a walkie-talkie and constantly receive timely information from the observer.

History: Action Ukraine Lasertag is based in Ukraine and specializes in the outdoor market in the CIS; the region of the former Soviet Union.

In 2008, Action Ukraine Lasertag won the Trutnee award; "Laser Tag Power Seller/CIS countries".

Action Ukraine Lasertag is still active today.


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