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Founder: Marco Riedesser

Date Established: 2008

Date Closed: Still active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Marco Riedesser - Founder
Johannes Pallhuber - Co-Owner
Patrick Riedesser - Co-Owner

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: SimGun had several different components to their equipment. These components included a body central unit, a head unit, a laser unit, a base station, and a respawner.

SimGun’s body central unit sort-of wraps around the player. It is a net mesh cloth that holds sensors for other players to tag. The unit holds sensors in the front and the back, the cloth also wraps around the shoulders and holds sensors there as well.

SimGun’s head unit acts as a headband that featured sensors for other players to tag.

SimGun’s base station records all the events taking place in the game and has a status display to install and observe the key settings.

SimGun’s respawner unit is a small remote control used to refresh a player after he has been eliminated from the game.

SimGun’s laser unit is their signature unit. It is a small piece of plastic equipment that you can mount on any standard weapon rail. It shoots the actual laser when you press the trigger. The laser unit detects when you have been hit and holds a microphone to let you know when you’ve been hit and when you’ve hit someone else.

History: SimGun began in Sweden in 2008 when Marco Riedesser wanted to bring video games like “Battlefield” to the real world. SimGun is manufactured in Switzerland.

SimGun is still an active manufacturer today.


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