Laser Tag Pro is a Laser Tag Museum Donor
Laser Tag Pro is a Laser Tag Museum Donor
Battle Riffle Pro
Battle Riffle Pro
The Clutch
The Clutch

Laser Tag Pro

Founder: Aaron Fischer

Date Established: 2011

Date Closed: Still in operation

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnell:

Aaron Fischer - Founder, CEO, and Developer

Joe McGeorge - COO and Systems and Operational Manager

Jeremy Brown - Sales and Customer Relations Manager

Cesar Hernadaz - Graphic Design and Visual Presentation

Laura Zamora - Web Content and Communications Coordinator

First Field - Unknown

Equipment - Laser Tag Pro consists of mainly the Battle Rifle Pro. The Battle Rifle Pro is a light weight gun that only weighs two and a half pounds according to their website When a buyer purchases a Battle Rifle Pro it comes in a box that also includes a 3Up Head Sensor, gun sling, battery, and a charger. The Battle Rifle system is completely customizable to the users need. The buyer can choose what type of gun they want the Battle Rifle Pro to be, how loud the gun is or even which sounds come from the gun, how long the game is, how much ammo one gets, and how much health one gets. This isn't the end of the customization's either. You can find all of the customization's by clicking here.

History - Laser Tag Pro was established in 2011. However, their first laser tag unit, the Battle Rifle Pro, was not released to the public until April 8th of 2013. Since the release date the Laser Tag Pro team has continued to make improvements to it's product.

Laser tag Pro is still active today.



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