Founder: Mikael and Per Widing

Date Established: 2004

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Mikael Widing – Co-Founder
Per Widing - Co-Founder

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: LandTrooper’s equipment features a laser tag gun called the Par-2, and a helmet. There are 2 sensors on the Par-2 and 4 more on the helmet. The Par-2 gun has built-in display, radio, battery and speaker.

The most distinctive feature of the LandTrooper equipment is their GPS capabilities.  The game is monitored in real-time and shows the position of each player on the battlefield on a computer. Using the Playback mode, the players on each team can watch the game after it has finished.

History: In 2000, Per and Mikael Widing moved to China from Sweden on business for Ericsson, a United States communication company, but they were laid off. The Widing brothers stayed in China to start the first laser tag company in the country. In 2003 they first created StarTrooper, an indoor laser tag system, and then in 2004 they created the LandTrooper system.

The Widing brothers are credited with bringing both indoor and outdoor laser tag to the Chinese market. They own and operate their own company in China: Widing Sports Development.

LandTrooper is still active today.


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