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Founder: Unknown

Date Established: 2002

Date Closed: Still active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Kakuk Andras

First Field: Unknown

Equipment: Intager’s equipment is a wireless system called the Raptor laser tag system. Their equipment features a small headset, like a headband, that has sensors for enemy players to tag. Their phasers are dual-wielded, include a grenade launcher, and also feature sensors. Intager also has several interactive pieces of equipment such as laser grenades, health packs, ammo, damage, shields, etc. Intager’s equipment also functions well in indoor environments.

History: Intager is an outdoor laser tag system manufacturer based out of Budapest, Hungary. They have sites all over the World, including sites in the United States, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, France, Romania, and Hungary. Intager was the first manufacturer to open a laser tag site in Croatia.

Intager still manufactures laser tag equipment today.


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