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Battlefield Sports

Founder: Peter and Nicole Lander

Date Established: 1999

Date Closed: Still Active

Number of Locations: Active Manufacturer - Please contact the manufacturer for number of locations.

Key Personnel:
Peter Lander - Founder
Nicole Lander – Co-Founder

First Field: AJ Hackett, Smithfield Cairns, Queensland, Australia in 1999.

Equipment: The key component of Battlefield’s equipment is their SATR equipment; which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver. Peter Lander invented this technology when he helped found BattleField Sports.  The technology gives the player real-time feedback and sound effects.

The Battlefield Sports SATR system is crafted into different models like the M4 or G36. BattleField Sport’s emulats over 69 rifles, hand-guns, SMGs, and machine guns. BattleField’s equipment features a special coating on all the electronics so players can use the equipment in the rain and mud without any issues.


The image above is of Peter Lander conducting a brief using the Beserker series created by Battlefield Sports.


The image above is of Nicole Lander displaying the Battlefield Sports product, the Morita.

History: In an interview with Barter Bulletin in December of 2002, Peter Lander stated that he was inspired to create Battlefield Sports Laser Tag when he visited a Vultrek location in 1986. He liked the idea of laser tag but felt as though it was limited by the space of the arena and it was too focused on individual play and didn’t encourage teamwork.

Peter didn’t act on his idea of outdoor laser tag until 1998 when a breakthrough in technology enabled the range of infrared lasers to 150 meters; enough range for outdoor play.

Battlefield Sports is still an active manufacturer.


A unique article about a couple of who got married having a laser battlefield wedding.

 In 2015, Battlefield Sports was a National Finalist for the Endeavour Awards from Manufacturers Monthly, the leading magazine in Australia for the manufacturing industry.  The Endeavour Awards program celebrates and recognizes the achievements of industry leaders in their drive to achieve ‘best practice’ in manufacturing.




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