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Laserforce Magical Planet Shirts from India Reappear

While going through the archives at the Laser Tag Museum we have came across multiple Laserforce and Magic Planet Polo staff shirts. The shirts were donated long ago by Bachan Singh, owner of Magic Planet in New Delhi, India. 



The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Bachan Singh for donating the first items from India to the Museum.  The Laserforce staff shirts display the old logo.  They will be used on the mannequins that will hold the latest collection of Laserforce equipment.


Lathan Gariess Completes Laserforce Lineage

Thanks to yet another donation from Lathan Gariess, owner of Xtreem Family Fun Center in Lehigh Acres, FL, the Laser Tag Museum has completed the series of (out of production) Laserforce (Australia) packs.

Lathan donated a Gen6 Laserforce Battle Suit pre-wired to accept AC current.  This will allow the pack to blink and glow while on display.

You can see all 6 of the different Laserforce Gen series Battle Suits that have been distributed throughout the years by clicking here.

lfgen6 (2)


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank everybody who made the completed lineage possible including: Len Kelly, Roger Nelson, Zone Laser Tag, and now Lathan Gariess. It is because of the generous donations from people like this that has allowed the Museum to grow to the extent it has to today.


Roger Nelson's Laserforce Collection Now on Display

Roger Nelson, owner of MotionWerx in Emeryville, had been in the laser tag industry back in the late 1990's and early 2000's as the first distributor for Laserforce in the United States. Roger's distribution company was called Deep Forest and displayed at various trade shows. Roger was instrumental in the introduction and beginning growth for the brand in U.S. market.


 (Pictured above is a Laserforce Gen3 with a prototype vest design; a Gen4 and a Gen2 complete with a helmet.  Behind the battlesuits is a 24" x 24" fiber optic sign used at trade shows.  The sign still works.)

Gen 2 Battlesuit


The above picture is of the only known Gen2 battlesuit in North America.  It is vibrant and muti-hued paint job gives the pack a look unlike anything in the industry.  The pack is photographed on a Laserforce staff shirt from the late 1990's.  The shirt was donated by Kevin Hall, owner of Laserforce Auckland, NZ.

Gen 3 Battlesuit



Pictured above is a Gen3 battlesuit with a unique vest design that was created for the USA market.  Notice the black-and-red color schemes with ornamental buttons on the vests.  This is believed to be the only known Gen3 battlesuit in North America.

Gen 4 Battlesuit


The above Gen4 battlesuit was a production run laser tag pack that was to be what was installed in the first few Laserforce location's in the USA.  This product help ignite the USA market for Laserforce.

The three packs, along with a 24" fiber optic sign, have been loaned to the Laser Tag Museum by Roger so that the thousands of visitors annually can appreciate the evolution and design of the Laserforce product line.  Check out the video of the fiber optic sign on the Laserforce page.

The Laser Tag Museum warmly thanks Roger for the hours of stories that he shared about his time working with Laserforce, and Len Kelly, in particular.  The early days of the industry were pioneering and Roger's technology talents helped Laserforce gain a foothold in the USA during the late '90's.




Best National Laser Tag Day Marketing Ideas to Receive Signed Posters

The best marketing ideas or celebrations of National Laser Tag Day will receive one of 10 special posters signed by George Carter III, the Creator of Photon and the father of the laser tag industry.


George has signed a total of 11 posters in numerical order from 0/10 through 10/10.  The poster numbered 0/10 will be matted and framed to be on display at the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY.

The other posters will given out to the locations with the best marketing idea or promotion for National Laser Tag Day.  The posters will be shipped after March 28, 2014.  This offer is open to any laser tag facility of any kind throughout the world.

Tell us how your promoting National Laser Tag Day at your facility either through the comments below; or on our Facebook page; or on the Linkedin Laser Tag group section.  If the idea is supercool or unique or clever or pays honor to the origins of laser tag, you may receive one of the 10 signed and numered special posters.


Trip Down Memory Lane with Joe Nelis and his Contribution

Joe Nelis, Owner of The Lost City in Holland, MI, has been a laser tag operator for almost twenty years. Throughout these years Mr. Nelis has acquired a wealth of materials from all corners of the laser tag world.


A couple of weeks ago Joe unselfishly reached out to the museum to let us know that he would be happy to donate his personal time capsule of laser tag materials. This time capsule consists of marketing materials from numerous laser tag manufacturers dating back to the late ninety's, several information packets from Fun Expo Conference in 1999, a Vail Storm Operators Conference Binder from 1996, and couple of site marketing materials also dating back to the late ninety's.

The Laser Tag Museum appreciates Mr. Nelis including us in the trip down memory lane. It will take us quite some time to process all of these materials. 


TagFerret, world authority, donates LTTO Master Blaster

TagFerret (Real life: Brian Farley) is the world's leading authority on the home and toy market laser tag products.  His personal collection greatly exceeds everything owned by the Laser Tag Museum.

In a recent meeting with TagFerret, he was kind enough to donate a new, in the box, Lazer Tag Team Ops (LTTO) Tag Master Blaster complete with the IR missile.


TagFerret and the Laser Tag Museum will be working together over the next couple of years to accurately record and display the cool and unique laser tag home market products.


Pair of iQ Packs Donated by Q-Zar Systems


"Hey Erik, we looked at your website and we saw that you didn't have one of these", said Sean Evans, president of Q-Zar System in Concord, CA.


 Sean had in his hands two iQ packs from 1996.  Simply stated - they weren't supposed to exist.

All the lore, all the stories, was that the former Q-Zar, Inc. had developed a system known as "iQ" which was the Mark-VII version.  The iQ system was reportedly used at the 1996 Olympic Village and then the equipment was lost during the bankruptcy proceedings.

No one had seen the iQ system for years.  The Laser Tag Museum was given a phaser without a vest by JR Robles, one of the buyers of the assets of Q-Zar after the bankruptcy.  It was reportedly the only iQ product left in existence.

But now clearly that wasn't the case.

Sean Evans and Trish Pereira, Vice President, had purchased the assets of Q-Zar from the initial buyers after the bankruptcy proceedings.  While going through boxes and boxes of materials, Sean found some iQ plastics.  Then he found the iQ packs - 18 in all.

Sean and Trish were kind enough to donate one red and one green iQ pack to be displayed at the Laser Tag Museum.  This donation was completely unexpected and beyond generous.

Both Sean and Trish continue to champion for the Q-Zar brand.  They have actively provided a wealth of support to Q-Zar operators in North America; they sell and service Q-Zar equipment and they operate an amazing facility in Concord, CA for nearly 20 years.  Being an old Q-Zar Marshall, it is exciting to see the passion and dedication to the Q-Zar brand championed by Q-Zar Systems.



Lazer X of Ft. Wayne Showcases National Laser Tag Day Poster


Lazer X of Ft. Wayne, Indiana is the first location to showcase the National Laser Tag Day posters that they received.  General Manager Tim Kintz sent the photo below:


Tim and I have known each other for nearly 2 decades and he has always operated a fantastic facility providing an incredible guest experience. 

National Laser Tag Day is just 3 weeks away.  The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the laser tag industry is a momentous occasion and operators will celebrate the day.

If more operators send in photos, those posters will be shown here on the Laser Tag Museum blog.


Mythical, Mystical and Magical

In the Laser Tag Industry, there are certain phasers or taggers or artifacts that have grown to mythical status due to either their rarity or their impact on the laser tag industry.

Nearly 30 years, World's of Wonder introduced the Lazer Tag product line to the public.  This home toy product line put the phrase "Lazer Tag" into the pubic awareness.  Like many manufacturers, World's of Wonder had developed prototypes and manufacturers samples.  The Black Starlyte Pro Rifle is reputedly to be of extremely limited production.  Rumor has been that there are only 3 Black StarLyte Pro rifles in existence.


Click "Continue Reading" to read about the Black Starlyte Rifle.

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National Laser Tag Day posters ready to ship

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the grand opening of Photon, and what would become the laser tag industry, March 28th was designated "National Laser Tag Day" by the Laser Tag Museum.



A Father, A Son and Memories of Laser Tag

Why does the Laser Tag Museum exist?

For Mr. Hunter Blanford.  And his son, Wyatt.  And for Wyatt's friends.

On February 21, I was at the Laser Tag Museum updating the display cases.  I watched this gentleman walk down the hall with 4 young boys as they were leaving Lazer Blaze headed to their car.  They had been looking at various laser tag packs on their way out.  The group stopped at the Photon display and I overheard the father tell the young boys that when he was their age, he played laser tag wearing the Photon equipment.


The boys were gathered around the father and he recalled his games of Photon.  He told the boys about suiting up and playing at the Louisville Photon.  The kids commented about how big the equipment was compared to what they had just played.  The father laughed and said that it was so much fun that he did not realize that the equipment was heavy.

As the group turned to leave, I introduced myself and asked the gentleman his name.  Mr. Hunter Blanford introduced himself and his 9 year old son Wyatt.  Wyatt and his buddies just celebrated Wyatt's birthday.

Mr. Blanford and the boys had a great night playing laser tag and then they viewed the numerous packs and artifacts on display.  It was a great night for a dad, his son and the buddies.  Laser tag was creating a memory for this group.

And preserving memories of the industry for a father and son to enjoy is why the Laser Tag Museum exists.



Lazer Tag Point of Sale Display - Unique and Very Large


John Haugland aka LazerBait contacted the Laser Tag Museum about a listing for an item in the Portland, Oregon Craigslist classified sections.

The listing was for a World's of Wonder Lazer Tag Point of Sale Display case.  This display case is over 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  It is nearly 30 years old and the amazing part is that the display case still works.


This may be the last of its kind as they were designed to be disposed of after the Christmas sales season.

We have to thank Ken Roberts, who sold the display case to the Laser Tag Museum, for his help in getting it to a UPS Store so that it could be wrapped up safely and shipped to the Laser Tag Museum.


The Bigger The Better

The Laser Tag Museum received one of the physically largest donations ever, an entire Stunner Pod.

A Stunner Pod was a coin operated device that was placed on an observation decking looking into a laser tag arena.  A player would take the phaser out of the holder and try to tag players in the laser tag arena.  The results were shown on a display monitor located in the center of the pod.

The Stunner Corporation existed from 1999 through 2006.  It is often considered the most technological advanced laser tag system of its era.  The Stunner Pod was one item that helped maintain that reputation.




The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Davor Franicevich owner of Laser Tag Baton Rouge and Laser Tag of Metairie, LA for his generous donation.


National Laser Tag Day - March 28, 2014

The Laser Tag Museum is proud to declare March 28, 2014 as National Laser Tag Day. 


It was 30 years on this date the original commercial laser tag system known as "Photon - The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth" held their grand opening in Mesquite, Texas.


Photon would start a worldwide phenomena that became laser tag.


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of this epic occurrence, the Laser Tag Museum has printed up a special poster that is being made available at no cost to any laser tag location in the United States and Canada.


Check out our article about the 30th Anniversary and request your two free posters for your facility.


Rare WoW Starlyte Pistol Finds a New Home

The Laser Tag Museum has finally acquired this Worlds of Wonder Manufacturer's Sample Starlyte Pistol that is one of six known to be in existence after years of searching.  It is estimated that only 20 such White Starlyte Pistols were ever made and approximately 6 survive.


white wow pistol


The Worlds of Wonder company created the Lazer Tag brand and made a series of toys under that brand.  Lazer Tag created a worldwide phenomenon with the Starlyte pistol and the Starlyte rifle.


John Haugland, AKA LazerBait, is an avid Lazer Tag enthusiast who graciously parted with his White Starlyte Pistol along with many other collectible Lazer Tag items.  John has been playing lazer tag for over 20 years and is a leader amongst his peers.  John's desire is to have these rare items on display at the Laser Tag Museum for all the visitors to admire.  Among the many items acquired from John are the following:


- a digital watch with the Lazer Tag logo

- a VHS tape with two commercials which we have digitized

- two walkie talkies

- a Hat

- 3 sensors

- one chest strap with holster

- a standard Starlyte Pistol

- 16 Pins

- numerous instructional booklets





The Laser Tag Museum thanks LazerBait for his incredible generosity and his efforts to preserve and promote the Lazer Tag experience.


**UPDATE** On February 6, 2014, shortly after posting this news article, we sent a link over to David Small, the founder of World's of Wonder.  He clarified our article and corrected a misconception.  We had the white Starlyte listed as a prototype but it was actually a Manufacturer's Sample in White.  David wrote the following;


"FYI, the white Starlyte is not a prototype but it is very rare.  We shot a few samples in white to evaluate a color alternative to Black.  My guess is that less than 20 were ever made.



Lathan Gariess Makes Generous Donation

Lathan Gariess, owner of Xtreem Lasertag in Lehigh Acres, generously parted with a wealth of materials. The materials Mr. Gariess donated includes:


-two Actual Reality Interactive CD-Roms

-one 1999 LaserTrek Promo

-one Laser Chaser Demonstration Video

-one LaserTron (USA) video

-a stack of White Hutchinson Leasure and Learning Group informative papers

-a Children's Edutainment Packet

-one Laser Mania Booklet.


All of the items are pictured below. 




The Laser Tag Museum is extremely greatful to Mr. Gariess for his donation.


Latest eBay Acquistion

The most recent Ebay acquisition is a unique Lazer Tag Pajama top that in all our years searching for laser tag artifacts we have never seen it before. This pajama top will be added the the Lazer Tag section of the Home Market Page for all to see. 

LT Pajama Top

To see more of the Lazer Tag items, please visit the Lazer Tag page.


Front Page Display Cases Updated

Today the front page of the website was updated with photos of the 58 different laser tag packs; the 8 different phaser only items; the tactical laser tag equipment and some of the home toy laser tag equipment.  We also enabled the photos to "pop out" when you click on them so a person can see all the items in the display cases better than before.


The display cases do not hold all the items owned by the Laser Tag Museum.  We have a number of artifacts in storage that we will rotate in and out based on the quarterly theme.


The website is designed to be a virtual visit to the Laser tag Museum with the ability to have greater information about each company.  We are always looking at ways to enhance and improve the displays.  Like any growing collection, we are consntatly evolving to promote the laser tag induystry throug archiving its past.


A lot in the works, not much to update

I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks but we have been hard at work making small improvements to the website.
I personally have not liked our image gallery on each individual manufacturer's page for some time but I finally found a new image gallery that is smoother and more intuitive. It will take some time to convert each page to the new image gallery but it should be worthwhile once it is done.  Once done, it should pay homage to the numerous manufacturers in an appropriate manner.
The team is headed down to the museum for the quarterly cleaning and display rotation.  The museum has grown large enough now that we have to rotate certain artifacts in and out to keep the display fresh and educational for the visitors.
Lastly, on the acquisition side, we have several major laser tag manufacturers who have promised donations of rare or last-of-their-kind products in 2014.  Also, several private owners have also committed certain artifacts as well.  There will be more details as the donations of the artifacts arrive and we get the item prepped for display.
Have a great holiday season!




Lightning Strikes Twice....Museum Receives Another Laser Tag Pack signed by Michael J. Fox plus Christopher Lloyd

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd teamed up again for the first time since the "Back to the Future" film series and they played laser tag!


After filming an upcoming episode of "The Michael J. Fox" show on NBC, both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd signed two NexusFEC laser tag packs as shown in the photo below.  NexusFEC is a product of The Zone Laser Tag Group of Companies (listed as "Zone Laser Tag" on this website).



Zone Laser Tag then donated the pack worn by Michael J. Fox to the Laser Tag Museum for display.  There is already another laser tag pack worn by Michael J, Fox in the musem collection and on display.  That pack is a Q-Zar pack acquired from Joe Russo.




The Laser Tag Museum is proud to have another pack worn by Michael J. Fox on display for the numerous visitors who come through the museum display hallway.


Want to visit the Laser Tag Museum?
We are located at 4121 Shelbyville Road Louisville, KY