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George Carter Makes Amazing Donation to the Museum

The inventor and founder of the Laser Tag industry has recently made an amazing donation the the Laser Tag Museum. His donation includes 3 rare and unique Photon items:

1. A Photon Passport, which was an invitation to the grand opening of the Photon location in Fountain Valley, California, which turned out to be Photon's most successful location. Mr. Carter also included his old business card:

2. A wooden prototype phaser mold that was going to be the next generation of Photon equipment:
3. A Photon stylebook which contains instructions for operators on how Photon facilities should be styled including stationery, printed items, instructional videos, signage, advertising, game materials, music in the facility, and logos:


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Mr. Carter for his generous donation to the Museum, and also for inventing laser tag.


Oldest Laser Quest in the World Donates Priceless Items

Mint. Perfect condition. Exquisite.  These are just some of the words that are used to describe a 20 year old poster from the Laser Quest Stourbridge, UK location.  In addition to the poster, an extremely rare Laser Quest R16 pack and phaser were also donated to the Laser Tag Museum.

Laser Quest Poster

Robert Brooks, owner of Laser Quest Stourbridge, UK has been in business for over 20 years and has loved nearly every minute of it.  During a visit with Robert, the operator was able to recall many events that had helped shape the facility into becoming the oldest Laser Quest in the world.  During my visit, the customer traffic was substantial and everyone was coming out of the arena laughing and having a great experience.

Robert and I had a few hours together and then at the end of the visit, he presented the Museum with two rare items.  The first was a poster from 1992 for Laser Quest Stourbridge depicting "The Dominator" aka Nigel from the Office in perfect condition.  The poster was one of the most pristine laser tag print items I have seen given its age.

Laser Quest R16 Pack

The other item was a well-used Laser Quest R16 laser tag pack and phaser without the electronics.   This is near priceless to the Museum since Laser Quest in North America never had the R16's in use over here so those packs are nearly impossible to secure.

The Laser Tag Museum thanks Robert and Laser Quest Stourbridge for their wonderful donation.  It is only through the generosity of the operators, suppliers (both past and current), players and those people who desire to see the industry promoted in a positive manner that has allowed the museum to continue to grow.


Bob Webb of Quaser Elite Donates Access to Quasar Archives

The Laser Tag Museum Archives was honored with over 300+ pages of scanned images of documents related to Quasar and Laser Quest from 1993 - 1996.

Mr. Bob Webb, owner of Quasar Elite, has been in the laser tag industry for over 2 decades.  He opened the 13th Quasar location in the UK back in 1993.  Bob had amassed a large collection of documents, newspaper articles and private photos regarding Quasar and Laser Quest.  In fact, one item he had was concept artwork for future versions of Quasar equipment.

Bob allowed me the opportunity to sit in his facility and scanned all the articles, advertisements, news clippings and more for the museum.  This provided a back up copy of everything that Bob has in his collection.

One of the most amazing items in Bob's collection is an advertisement from the very first Quasar location in Perth, Australia.  We will be putting a copy of that image on the Quasar page shortly.

The Laser Tag Museum is proud to have a digital copy of Bob Webb's collection in our archives.  This is the second time Quasar Elite has provide a generous donation to the Laser Tag Museum.

Hangar 51 Donates Unique Vestless Phaser

Hangar51 Phaser

Dave Morris, owner and founder of Momentum Ltd. donated a Hangar 51 phaser to the Laser Tag Museum.

In a meeting that lasted over 6 hours, Dave shared many stories of the origins of Momentum, Ltd. as well as the work that was done for the Pulsar product before the creation of the Hangar 51, Laser Storm and Battle Storm product lines.  Dave provided a detailed written outline of the history of Momentum, Ltd. which was incredibly useful for the research aspect of the museum.

We then spent some time in his 5,000 square foot tactical laser tag arena known as "Battle Storm HQ".  The atmosphere was exhilirating, the lobby impressively themed and the tactical equipment was very impressive.

It was an honor to meet Dave after all these years and the museum thanks him for his donation.

Back To The UK for the Museum

On February 10, I headed back to England to try and to wrap up a few of the manufacturers that I missed on my last trip. 

England has been so beneficial to the laser game market that I want to make sure that I have exhausted all resources to document and preserve the wonderful legacy that many pioneers provided the industry.

This trip will be a little different in that I am actually going to try and get some sightseeing in as well.  I will post my progress as I meet other pioneers.

Lasertron before Lasertron and much more

An exciting new entry has been added to the history of the industry----Lasertron.  No, not the LaserTron that facilitates its own reality up in Buffalo, NY.  Lasertron that existed nearly 2 years before the Buffalo-based company sprang in to the industry.

Check out: LaserTron (NZ)

Also, a couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to purchase the Laser Tag Museum from the ILTA since they were liquidating all of their assets.  The Laser Tag Museum was the only thing I wanted to ensure that the many years of materials were safe.

Also, we updated the Phasor Strike page with some new additions.

2013 Starts With Changes and More Trips

As the industry heads into a new year, the Laser Tag Museum is updating the last few pages for the indoor laser tag equipment suppliers.  Adam, Charlie and I are sorting through the news articles provided by Phil Pickersgill; new banners are being added to various pages; and the last set of photos are being cataloged for the inventory.

In February, there will be another trip back to the UK to interview suppliers and manufacturers that did not get interviewed in early December.

An odd thing happens as we document the past of the industry; it makes us look at the future and wonder how the industry will evolve.  Already, in the first 3 weeks, we see dramatic changes occurring.  New products and new laser tag manufacturers.  New alliances and new marketing tactics. Long standing institutions changing their focus.

The laser tag industry is now nearly 29 years old and it is amazing how it is still evolving and changing.  And the Laser Tag Museum will continue to document, preserve and archive the industry as it grows.


Year End Wrap Up and Development Adjustment

It's been an amazing year for the Laser Tag Museum and the history of the industry.

The blog doesn't do justice to all of the acquisitions, donations and archive research that has been accomplished during this past year.  Theories of origination and product genesis have changed and evolved as research and interviews have been conducted.  Unknown laser tag systems have been documented and the history of the industry has been uncovered layer by layer.

UK Trip Comes to End; Generosity was Overwhelming

I am updating this while sitting at the London Heathrow Admiral's Club before I get on my flight to return back to the USA after spending 10 days crisscrossing all over England conducting interviews and picking up some of the most amazing donations.

I did not get to all of the manufacturers as I had desired nor did I get to visit the pioneers of the outdoor laser skirmish pioneers.  I am already planning a return trip for early 2013.

Quaser Elite Contributes Packs of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The conclusion of the 10 day UK tour to collect items for the museum and to conduct interviews with the pioneers and early founders of the laser tag industry ended on an shocking contribution.  The owner of Quaser Elite, located in Harlow, UK, invited me to spend the day with him at his showcase location.
Quasar Elite Donates Packs

Q-2000 Makes Amazing and Generous Donation to Museum

Amazing, wonderful, generous, fantastic, awe inspiring...or as the British like to say in their traditional understated manner, "Brilliant".
Q-2000 Amazing Donation

These are just a few of the words that have to be used to describe the gift given by Mr. Steven Jennings, Managing Director of Meno Electronics Limited, makers of the incredible Q-2000 laser tag system.  Today, Steve donated two large boxes of some of the rarest laser tag products in the industry.

Founder of Laser Force (UK) Shares Many Stories

One of the greatest challenges of this project to interview and document the origins of the different laser tag companies has been to track down the founders.  David Byrne, founder of Laser Force (UK) has been the hardest to find so far but that changed with an email from John Hilbrig.

David sat down with the Curator and shared many stories about how he got into the laser tag industry; the glory days of Laser Force (UK) and sadly what caused the company to cease trading.

David has found a renewed passion in helping young people in the UK and you could see a sense of calm and happiness on his face during the interview. The contents of the interview will be placed on the Laser Force (UK) page of the museum website shortly in the future.
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Laser Force (UK) Engineer Donates Unique Prototype

One of the earliest pioneers of the United Kingdom's laser games industry is Mr. John Hilbrig.  John was instrumental in helping to bring about Laser Force (UK); Pulsar and Laser Chaser.Laser Force UK Prototype

John sat down for an interview in a conference room in St. Leonards-on-Sea, near Hastings UK.  During the conversation, you could see the 20+ years melt away as John recalled the crazy, near frentic, busy days of the electronics manufacturing firm that he served as Managing Director.  His company, Autolec, was the contract manufacturer for Laser Force (UK); Pulsar and Laser Chaser.

At the end of a relaxed and enjoyable conversation, John provided a never-before-seen prototype of the next version of Laser Force (UK) that never made it to production.  This item is a one-of-kind and will be on display in the Laser Tag Museum shortly.

Veqtor Founder recalls over 20 years in the laser tag industry

Jonathan and Roanne Plache, the husband and wife team that oversee a network of employees and offices worldwide shared how they got into the laser tag industry and what keeps them going after all these years.

Martin Shoebridge Receives "Industry Innovator" Award

Martin Shoebridge
Erik Guthrie, Laser Tag Museum Curator presenting the Industry Innovator Award to Mr. Martin Shoebridge.

Mr. Martin Shoebridge has received the Industry Innovator Award for his contributions to the laser tag industry development and growth.  The award was presented to Martin tonight at the annual International Laser Tag Association's Industry Dinner held in Orlando, FL.  The Industry Dinner is always held during the IAAPA trade show week and provides an opportunity for the major suppliers, operators, developers and prospects to gather and share in the enjoyment of being in the laser tag industry.

Laser Quest Founder Sits down for Interview

Simon James, Co-founder of Laser Quest
Tonight, the Curator had the pleasure and the privilege to sit down for dinner with Mr. Simon James, the principle co-founder of Laser Quest. 

During a two hour meeting, Simon James recalled the heady early days of Laser Quest, the challenges of developing one of the first laser game facilities in the UK and how he exited from one of his passions and entered into a new phase of life.

Incredibly Rare Pulsar packs donated by Laser

Lyndsay and Stefan Latimer have performed a miracle, not once but 4 times!

Lyndsay and Stefan run the UK's best online database of laser game arenas and information for the player and the operator.  Their website, has been operating for over 12 years and they are a storehouse of information for the UK market.


Laser Quest Founder donates rare news articles and video

Phil Pickersgill, one of the co-founders of Laser Quest, donated a collection of news clippings from 1988-1992 as well as 4 videos that will be digitized.
Laser QUest Articles

Zone EU donates Five Zone Skirmish Guns

Peter Davies, Managing Director, of Zone Leisure Technologies has generously donated five different Zone Skirmish laser guns to the Laser Tag Museum.  Peter allowed the Curator to rummage through old boxes in storage to pull out five different skirmish guns.

The skirmish guns that are being sent to the museum in Louisville are:
SMG Sniper rifle

zone skirm


Zone Skirmish is an out-of-production set of laser skirmish equipment that has been discontinued since 2009.  The five guns will enhance the outdoor laser tag section of the museum.

The Laser Tag Museum thanks Peter Davies and Zone Leisure Technologies for their wonderful contribution.


Trip to the UK for the Museum

It's Thursday Nov 23 and I have just landed in London for a 10 day trip around the UK.  I have a number of appointments set up to interview some of the industry early pioneers as well as the key players in the UK market.  I am also picking up a variety of artifacts for the laser tag museum.  I will be posting updates as I travel through the UK.


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