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Updated with our latest items for the museum, and our relentless quest to document the history of laser tag.

Hinkle Family Fun Center Donates Lazer Runner Arch

Hinkle Family Fun Center recently donated a completely functional Lazer Runner arch to the Laser Tag Museum. After years of searching for a Lazer Runner arch the opportunity finally presented itself when Hinkle Family Fun Center said they would donate their arch.    

Hinkle Family Fun Center recently donated a completely functional Lazer Runner arch to the Laser Tag Museum. After years of searching for a Lazer Runner arch the opportunity finally presented itself when Hinkle Family Fun Center said they would donate their arch.


Pat Rothwell of Laser Mania Donates Rare Packs

Pat Rothwell, Founder and President of Laser Mania, recently donated a plethora of laser tag packs from three different manufacturers.

In March 2013, Pat was in the Louisville area and decided to stop by the Laser Tag Museum, located at Lazer Blaze.  Pat looked over the collection as it stood at that time and felt that he could support the efforts with a few special items that he had at his facility in Hattiesburg, MS.  He sent an email which contained, in part, the following:

"Having finally seen the place, I am now comfortable that it is not a Zone-centric sales floor. I can feel comfortable supporting the effort.
I don't remember seeing any Intersphere gear or Laser Reality gear. Could you use some, or do you have it and just don't have room?
I also notices the LM gear you display does not have the six barrel blaster. Would you like one?"

His offer was incredible and unexpected.  Pat wanted to make sure that the equipment looked ready for display and presentation.  It took a bit of time but finally everything was ready to be sent to the Laser Tag Museum.

DSC 0228

(Laser Reality version 1 and 2 pictured)

As fortune smiled on the museum, long time supporter Steve Strickland and his wife Natalie, were headed to Indianapolis and were able to stop by Hattiesburg and pick up two large boxes.  Steve brought the boxes to the Laser Tag Museum office where we couldn't wait to open them.

Inside were eight packs -  2 version 1 Laser Reality packs; 1 version 2 Laser Reality pack; 2 Intersphere packs believed to be from Holland and 1 Intersphere pack from Iowa; and 2 Laser Mania packs, version 2.

Three of the eight packs Pat donated came from a manufacturer called  Laser Reality. Laser Reality had been one of the few systems that had eluded the Laser Tag Museum for years but now there will be packs on display for the world to see Laser Reality's history. Pat originally opened his first store using Laser Reality equipment but after two years he decided to build his own laser tag equipment that he called Laser Mania.

Pat also donated three Intersphere packs. Two packs appear to be from the early stages of Intersphere, which means they were produced in Holland. These two packs have "O"s on the front chest plate. The other pack seems to be from the later stages, which means it was produced in America in the state of Iowa. This pack is located in the middle of the picture below and has an "X" on the front chest plate.

DSC 0226

(Pictured above 3 Intersphere packs.  The 2 with the "O" are believed to be from Holland and the "X" was from Iowa.)

Pat founded Laser Mania in 1998 and opened their first store in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Laser Mania has been manufacturing equipment for over 15 years. Pat donated two of the original Laser Mania packs from his store in Hattiesburg. 

DSC 0229

 (Pictured above are 2 Laser Mania packs with the 6-shooter laser blaster.)

The Laser Tag Museum would like to gratefully thank Pat Rothwell for his substantial donation. Without this donation who knows if anybody would ever see Laser Reality equipment again?


Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Who Have Donated to the Museum

The Laser Tag Museum is a collection of laser tag packs, taggers, and other incredible artifacts held in trust and placed on display for any one to visit for free.

What makes the Laser Tag Museum even more amazing is how so many laser tag manufacturers and distributors from all over the world have providedd laser tag equipment to be displayed.  This donation is often at an expense greater than many would realize.

The following suppliers and single arena builder have contributed to the museum even though many are, or were, competitors with each other.  The owners and key personnel of the companies placed the industry museum over petty polictics and competitive desires.  For that, the Laser Tag Museum would like to say "Thank You" to the following 30+ equipment suppliers:

Photon - George Carter
Star Laser Force - Bill Lewis
Vultrek - Graham and Robyn Vickridge-Smith
LaserTrek - David Groos
Delta Strike - Doug Willems
Quasar Elite - Bob Webb
Q-2000 - Steve Jennings
Q-Zar Systems - Sean Evans
Q-Support - Victor Miller
iCombat - Rick Jensen
LaserTag Pro - Aaron Fischer
Battlefield Sports - Nicole Lander
DDTR - Ivey Grcic
Action Tag - Ron Francis
Zone Leisure Technologies - Peter Davis
Zone Laser Tag, Inc - Simon Willetts
P&C Micros - Patrick Holmes
Zone New Zealand - Wayne Cortlett
Zone Russia - Vadim Aleksandrov
Laser Chaser - Andrus Ulyhryk
Laser Mania - Pat Rothwell
Laser Blast - Carla Ewald
Blaster Tag - Ron Leaventhal
Media Vision - Tom Appleton
Deep Forest Productions - Roger Nelson
Phaser Fun - Dan Newman
Laser Quest - Phil Pickersgill
Laser Storm - Dennis Potts
Lazer Runner - Paul Savard
Star Trooper - Pers & Lars Widing
Stunner - Ray Schaffer
Budget Arenas - Lathan Gariess

Check back from time to time as we update this list as more laser tag manufacturers and suppliers create an assocation of equipment, history, artifacts and lore on this website.


Charles Peklenk Continues to Support The Laser Tag Museum

Charles Peklenk once again made a donation to the Laser Tag Museum. This time Charles sent a box to the Museum  containing a LaserTron Rules VHS, an Official Lazer Tag Game Hand Book, a Lazer Zone article, a Lazer Zone press release, a Lazer Zone Production Schedule, and a Lazer Zone activity report.

 DSC 0217


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Charles Peklenk for his donation and continuous support of the Museum. 


Logan Lockhart Donates Laser Storm Artifacts

Logan Lockhart, an avid Laser Storm player, recently donated a combination of Laser Storm artifacts to the Laser Tag Museum. A while back, Logan also helped the Museum in acquiring one of the last working Laser Storm Stargate's, so it is no surprise that he is supporting the Museum again.

Logan donated the following Laser Storm artifacts: a Ra arena prop piece (from the movie "Stargate"), a map of a Laser Storm arena in Lockport, NY, a Laser Storm shirt, Laser Storm stickers, Laser Storm score cards, and a Laser Storm Marketing folder. 





The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Logan Lockhart for his donation and his continous support of the Laser Tag Museum.


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