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2 Lasertron Packs donated by Laserforce Operators Jim and Theresa Niehoff of Lazertag Extreme

Jim and Theresa Niehoff, owners of Lazertag Extreme Simi Valley, CA, recently donated two LT-10.3 LaserTron (USA) packs and a load of marketing materials from a couple of different manufacturers from 1994. 

DSC 0391

Two LaserTron LT-10.3 packs with phasers.

DSC 0419

A range of marketing materials from Lazer Runner, Q-zar, Laser Storm, and LaserTrek from 1994. 

This donation is the second LaserTron (USA) donation that has been made in the past month. 

The Laser Tag Museum is still looking for LaserTron packs LT-1 through LT-6, LT-9, and an LT-11 or LT-11.5. If you or somebody you know would like to donate or loan one of the missing packs please contact the museum..


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Jim and Theresa Niehoff, owners of Lazertag Extreme in Simi Valley, CA, for their donation. 


Lasertron LT-8 Pack Donated by Salem Fun Factory

The Salem Fun Factory recently donated a LaserTron LT8 pack to the Laser Tag Museum. Salem Fun Factory is located in Salem, Ohio. Bill, the owner, was generous enough to bring the LT8 pack to the Funtastics trade show in Fort Wayne, Indiana in order to donate the pack.


LT8 is one version of the LaserTron equipment that ranges from LT1 to LT12. The Musem is still in search of LT1 through LT6, LT9, and LT11. The Museum does not search for products still being manufactured like LT12. 

The Laser Tag Museum would like thank the Salem Fun Factory for its donation. Now we are one step close to having another complete set of laser tag equipment. To see the LaserTron (USA) page click here


Legendary Laser Tag Player "Barney Stinson" as a Halloween Costume?

"Barney Stinson" is the Legendary Laser Tag player from the TV show "How I Met Your Mother" portrayed by the amazing actor Neil Patrick-Howard.  Barney is a renowned laser tag player and the game of laser tag was depicted in several episode throughout the nine year run.lasertagmeme

About 10 days before Halloween, Ryan Shanken contacted the Laser Tag Museum looking for a laser tag pack similar to one worn on the TV show.  He wanted to go to a Halloween Party in New York City as "Barney Stinson" wearing a laser tag pack.  I explained that a new laser tag pack ranged between $2000 - $3000 per pack.  I suggested a couple of home laser tag products but Ryan really needed a vest and phaser to look the part.


Bill Lewis, Owner of Star Laser Force, Donates Packs Not Seen Since 1986.

Bill Lewis, Founder of Star Laser Force, recently donated three Star Laser Force packs that haven't been seen by the outside world for for over 25 years. Along with the three packs that were shipped to the Museum the box also contained a handheld device, what seems to be one of the first phaser only laser tag systems, and an overhead transparency sheet of the Star Laser Force logic board.


As you can see, the packs were not in the greatest shape since they were in storage for over twenty five years, but that is to be expected with equipment this old. Through hours of tedious cleaning the Intern was able to make the packs look substantially better. 


George Carter Donates Laser Tag's First Artifact

George Carter III recently met with the Curator in Dallas in order to show the Curator his newest donation. The Curator was astonished to see that George was donating the very first laser tag artifact from 1982. George donated the art work he used to convince investors to invest in George's project known as Photon



Here is the event in Grorge's words:

Early in 1982 after I determined it was technically feasible to make Star Wars into an amusement I needed a way to convey my vision to others. I needed a starting point for arena design and more importantly for investors. I found a local artist to work with (don't remember his name) and the result is the painting you have. It had many of the elements that made it into production, multi-level field, observation deck, catacombs, alien attack (the ball was replaced with a tower), helmets, and phasers with coil cords. It is the earliest surviving object from the genesis of Photon. A second painting was completed and the paintings along with a three minute VHS Star Wars clip were used to raise $300,000.00 for player sets and arena construction. 

This unique, one-of-a-kind painting will be called the First Artifact and will be on display for the over 100,000 visitors who come to Lazer Blaze.  The Laser Tag Museum is grateful that the Father of Laser Tag continues to support the Museum time after time.


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