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Rarest Toy Laser Tag Product Now On Display

Almost no one has ever seen it.  Most enthusiasts thought it was a myth. In a small circle of hardcore collectors, it is the most coveted of laser tag toys ever made.

It is the only handmade prototype for the World's of Wonder Lazer Tag StarLyte PRO rifle.  And it is now on display at the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY.


Mr. David Small, President of Shoot The Moon Products, has loaned the black StarLyte PRO rifle to the museum to be displayed for the 100,000+ annual visitors.  Mr. Small was the Executive Vice President of Engineering for World's of Wonder, Inc.  World's of Wonder created many of the most popular toys in the 1980's including Lazer Tag and Teddy Ruxpin.  David handcrafted the prototype over a period of several months and this black StarLyte PRO holds a special place in his heart.

The Laser Tag Museum is grateful for the loan from David and we know the many visitors will enjoy looking at one of the most important artifiacts in the history of the laser tag industry.


Sean Evans and Trish Pereira Donate More iQ Packs

Sean Evans, President of Q-ZAR Systems, and Trish Pereira, Vice President of Q-ZAR Systems, recently donated two iQ packs on top of the two they had already donated to the Museum in March earlier this year.


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LaserMaxx Donates Laser Rings

LaserMaxx donated two Laser Rings from a German company named Virtual Laser Systems. VLS was working around a German law that had banned combat games like laser tag and paintball. The Laser Rings Virtual Laser Systems developed played a big role in getting the ban of combat games lifted over time. 

Virtual Laser Systems called itself " interactive multimedia adventure for a large number of players. The mission is to hit targets on a large screen with a laser beam... Therefore every player holds the Laser Ring (pictured below) in his or her hand, that emits a short light impulse when a button is pressed." 

DSC 0441


Men Men Men Men, Manly Men... In Laser Tag Packs

"Alan Shot A Little Girl" is the first episode of the CBS TV show "Two and a Half Men" to ever have laser tag in it. In this episode "Alan" wears a Helios laser tag pack while playing laser tag with Louis.  One draft of the script had a scene for both Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher to wear laser tag vests.  The final scene that aired on December 4, 2014 only showed Jon Cryer and Edan Alexander, who plays "Louis" having a great laser tag experience.joncry

After filming one of the last episodes in the last season of "Two and a Half Men", Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer both signed the Helios packs they were wore for the laser tag scene. Helios is a laser tag product of Zone Laser Tag.


Laser Tag Museum Joins the American Alliance of Museums



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