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Laser Club of Russia Now On Display

 Proud. Robust. Unique.

Those are the words that came to mind the first time a picture of Laser Club appeared at the Laser Tag Museum.  This system, with little known about it, located in a former communist country seemed unobtainable and remote.laserclubpack

But Nathan Buxhoevenden, Ambassador for the Laser Tag Museum, travelled to Moscow and conducted an interview with Laser Club.  Nathan had already acquired the vest for Laser Club on a previous visit and on the latest trip acquired the phaser to make the set complete.laserclubphaser

One look at the Laser Club pack and it is clear that it was inspired by an early version of Laser Quest.  Incredibly, the creator of Laser Club gave Nathan the LQ pack that inspired the creation of Laser Club.  That Laser Quest pack is also now donated to the Laser Tag Museum.

 laserclubflyer laserclubbuscard

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Laser Club for its incredible donation.  Laser Club will now be placed on display with all of the greatest laser tag systems ever produced.


Ataka Laser Tag Donates Pack to Museum - First Ataka in the USA

Ataka Laser Game System's has been one of the most coveted products since it came to the Laser Tag Museum's attention nearly 10 years ago.  But how to get one the best Russian laser tag systems out of Russia to be displayed in Louisville, KY?attakapack

Alexander Tarasov, president of Ataka Laser Game Systems, was enthusiatic when contacted about providing an Ataka Laser Tag pack for display at the museum.   Alexander prepared a pack and phaser for display.  Mr. Nathanial Buxhoeveden, Amabssador for the museum, travelled from the United States to Moscow and then to Novosibirsk, Russia.  Novosibirsk is located near the Kazakstan and Mongolia borders and over 3300km from Moscow.

 attakaphaserThe vest material is one of the lightest ever felt and the phaser is rugged and durable to hold.  The handgrips are comfortable and enable greater accuracy than a one-handed phaser.

The Laser Tag Museum cannot extend its appreciate enough to Alexander and Ataka Laser Tag Systems. To learn more about Ataka, please visit the Ataka website.


Begeara Donation from FUNWORKS! Promotes Mobile Laser Tag





This is the third of three post regarding the incredible collection of laser tag equipment from Mr. Ross Briles, owner of FUNWORKS! in Modesto, CA.

In January 2015, the Curator headed out to Modesto, California to visit FUNWORKS!  This amazing 18-acre fun park has been providing wholesome fun entertainment for over 40 years.  Owner Mr. Ross Briles had offered an incredible collection of laser tag equipment from his many years of operation.

Pictured above is the Begear Version 1 laser tag system introduced by Zone Laser Tag back in 1996 and Ross was one of the first clients.  This laser tag system was designed for the portable and mobile market.  Light weight and esay to use, Begeara version 1 was marketed for only a couple of years before a sturdier, more robust version 2 was introduced.

The above photographs show 12 Begeara phasers, a mine, a handheld remote and an LED lightbright scoreboard.  This collection is in remarkable shape.  Inquiries into Zone Laser Tag yielded no sucess in obtaining a Begeara version 1 as they simply did not have any after all these years.

The Laser Tag Museum offers since appreciation to Mr. Ross Briles and FUNWORKS! for their amazing contribution to preserving the history of laser tag.


FUNWORKS! of Modesto, CA Donates Large Collection


This is the second of three post regarding the incredible collection of laser tag equipment from Mr. Ross Briles, owner of FUNWORKS! in Modesto, CA. 

In November 2014, Ross approached the Curator and informed him that he had a number of items from his years as a laser tag operator and that he would like to donate the equipment to the Laser Tag Museum.

In late January, the Curator went out to Modesto, California to review the collection and was incredibly impressed.lc2

Pictured above are 14 Laser Chaser packs, a downloader, 2 charging phaser holders, a charging box and other miscellanous parts.  The Laser Tag Museum will store and display the Laser Chaser equipment for the 100,000+ visitors to the museum who will enjoy the heritage that Ross has helped to preserve.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Ross Briles and FUNWOKRS! for their incredible donation.


Laser Tag Museum Provides Grant for Russia Trip


Russia Map

The Laser Tag Museum has provided a grant to Mr. Nathan Buxhoeveden of $1,000.00 to be applied towards a planned trip to Russia.  Mr. Buxhoeveden will act as an ambassador on behalf of the Laser Tag Museum while visiting operators and manufacturers in Russia.  He will be participating in the Russia Armegeddon tournament.

Meetings have already been lined up with Ataka Laser Tag, Laser Club / RuTag, and Laser Wars.  A select number of operators will also be visited by Mr. Buxhoeveden.  This will be the first official visit to Russia by a Laser Tag Museum representative.

This grant was made possible by the proceeds generated from the Laser Tag Convention.


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