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Last of their kind CyberStorm Cyber Pods Laser Tag Bumper Cars

CyberStorm CyberPods were concept vehicles for a new branch of the laser tag industry.  Imagine laser tag and bumper cars together! 

car1 web

These two-seater vehicles were designed to have both a driver and a gunner.  The driver would steer the vehicle and control the forward mounted laser cannon that was mounted over the canopy while the passenger operated a movable laser tag gun that could be aimed in various directios.

car2 web

There were a total of 10 of these concept vehicles ever made for the remarkable sum of over $1 million USD back in 1997 utilizing laser tag equipment from Pulsar Laser Systems located in the United Kingdom.  Sadly, these 2 cars were found on eBay for the princely sum of $5000.00 per car.  But, after some long negotiations, the Laser Tag Museum was able to acquire these vehicles for the combined amount of $2,000.00.  The museum was able to purchase these cars with a portion of the funds generated by the Laser Tag Convention.

cars small

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Emile Arabo for storing these extremely rare CyberStorm Cyberpods for nearly 20 years.  They will be placed on display after they have been refurbished for the more than 100,000+ visitors to appreciate their story and how they contributed to the laser tag industry,


Jakks Pacific Donates Incredible SpyNet Laser Strike to the Musuem

Never does a laser tag artifact get donated that is new, still-in-box and fresh from the manufacturer, but that all changed with an amazing package that arrived from Jakks Pacific.jplaserstrike

Jakks Pacific is one of the top five manufacturers of toys, leisure products and writing instruments for children and adults.  One of the lines of products offerd by Jakks Pacific is the SpyNet Laser Strike brand.  Mr. Jon Trent, Senior Vice President of Sales was instrumental in arranging the fast delivery of the SpyNet Laser Strike still in the box.

Jakks Pacific has been involved in the sales of toy laser tag for many years since their acquisition of ToyMax and the "Laser Challenge" product, a favorite among the live action laser tag players throughout the world.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Mr. Jon Trent and Jacks Pacific for their donation. This donation will be added the SpyNet Laser Strike page in the Toy Laser Tag section.



DarkLight V5 Donated by Zone Laser Tag

The three boxes that arrived unannounced to the Laser Tag Museum's office weighed 80 pounds combined.  What could be inside three large boxes?  Incredibly, a large collection of DarkLight Laser Tag V5 equipment!dl pack don1

Simon Willetts, the president of Zone Laser Tag, Inc. had donated the DarkLight V5 equipment consisting of 4 complete laser tag packs, 2 wall chargers, a number of miscellaneous spare parts and incredibly a Game Enhance Module (GEM).  The GEM was in pristine shape as it was the GEM mounted in the brieifing room of a laser tag facility that had swapped over to Zone Laser Tag's HELIOS PRO equipment.dl parts don web

Simon had once worked for a company called DarkLight Systems and was very familiar with DarkLight.  He oversaw the swap out of this particular DarkLight location to Zone Laser Tag and then consulted the museum's virtual archives regarding DarkLight.  Since the museum did not have any V5 equipment, Simon had this incredible donation shipped out so that it may be put on display in Louisville, KY.dl gem 2 don web

The Laser tag Museum would like to thank Zone Laser Tag, Inc. once again for their continued support and for providing a version of DarkLight Laser Tag that has been long sought after that will now be on display.


Russia's Premier Tactical Company Donates to Laser War AK-12LT

Laser War of Russia has donated a Model AK-12LT to the Laser Tag Museum to be displayed with great honor.  The Model AK-12LT is simply one of the best tactical laser tag products that the museum has ever received.


As soon as the AK-12LT was powered on and the wireless headband instantly connected, we started playing with it, something we rarely ever do.  It was cool and fun and looked incredible.


In addition to the Laser War tagger and wireless headband, there was also a stack of literature for the archives and a software disc that is provided to every new operator containing videos, technical guides, marketing materials and more.

 laserwarlit laserwardisc

The Laser Tag Museum is deeply aprpeciative of Алексей Терещенков and Laser War for providing an incredible example of one of the finest Russian made laser tag systems on the planet.

Laser War Banner


Photon Forever Conducts Interview with Laser Tag Museum

photonforeverlogoLaurie Britton, Photon code name "Tivia", hosts an amazing website dedicated to Photon Laser Tag called "Photon Forever".  Tivia has conducted a number of interviews with legendary Photon related individuals including the incredibly funny actor David Stay; along with Loretta Heywood, Graham Ravey, Tamara Johnson, and a behind the scenes of the Photon TV show interview. 

Tivia conducted an interview with Erik Guthrie, Curator of the Laser Tag Museum, on May 28, 2015 that discussed a wide range of topics about the laser tag industry including its origins, development, future growth and the state of the tournament market.

Listen to the inteview at:

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Laurie and her passion for the laser tag industry, particularly her passion for Photon Laser Tag.


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