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Updated with our latest items for the museum, and our relentless quest to document the history of laser tag.

Media Vision Donates Prototype Equipment

Tom Appleton, owner of Media Vision Inc., donated the prototype of their Plazma Force Laser Tag equipment to the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

Media Vision first introduced their laser tag equipment to the market in 2007, offering a unique design and chordless phaser. Media Vision got their start by offering Phazer Zone Paintless Paintball systems and then moved into the laser tag manufacturing.

Media Vision also won The Best New Product Award from IAAPA in 2010 for their digital black-light printing designs for laser tag arenas.medvisionpack


George Carter III Donates Rare Photon Items

The Laser Tag Museum has received a very generous donation from George "Creator" Carter consisting of unique and extremely rare items

creator2such as:

  • - Photon original Operations Manual (complete with dot matrix print outs)
  • - T-Shirt from the first ever Intergalactic Tournament (This will be held in high regards and a unique display will be created for it)
  • - 2 other Photon T-Shirts
  • - Newspaper articles from Springfield, OH (Nov 9, 1986), Dallas Times Herald (April 5, 1986), Fort Worth Star Telegram (March 12, 1986),
  • - Arizona Republic Magazine (Sep 16, 1984)
  • - Star tabloid magazine (Feb 11, 1986)
  • - Offbeat Magazine from Ottawa, ONT (March 1986)
  • - Sports Illustrated Magazine (Feb 3, 1986)
  • - Photon Corporate Marketing Kit
  • - Starbase Field drawings (for a 12 player system dated 1988)
  • - CD with Photon sound files

And lastly, George donated his membership/press card from Photon Japan that was presented to him when he attended the grand opening.

In the next few weeks we will try to scan a lot of this material and post it here on BeamSport. We will be displaying these items in the museum display cases being renovated this month.


Laser Tag Operators Donate Packs, Videos, and More

Our laser tag museum has some pretty impressive items on display, but did you know that some of our most interesting donations have come from operators?

IntersphereVestBelow are some operators who sent us rare items and what they donated:

February 11, 2011 - Craig Whisman, Owner, Q-Zar Duluth, GA - This long time ILTA facility member donated over 60 impossible to find video and audio tapes of Q-Zar Marketing as well as a red and a green Q-Zar pack..

Steve Damicus, former Owner of Lazer Xtreme, Thornton, CO - Steve donated two Actual Reality packs and phasers.

Eric Johns, Owner, Laser Storm of Westminster, CO - Eric has donated very rare and nearly impossible to find conceptual drawings and posters from the now defunct Laser Storm Corporation.

Dave Hennis with Laser X/Country Club Lanes in Sacramento, CA donated an Intersphere pack.

Ryan Grey from the Party Dome in Odessa, MO donated Laser Mania packs

Eddie Mitchell with Hickory Dickory Dock in Hickory, NC donated two Q-Tag posters and several Q-2000 phasers and Q-Zar signs

The ILTA would also like to thank our anonymous donors who helped contribute by donating two Photon Packs as well as the original business plan from Photon Kennilworth, NJ written in 1986, a Laser Quest pack, and Stunner v1 laser tag pack and phaser.


Rare IQ and Q-tag Items Donated

Energize Laser Tag out of Tomball, TX, donated some rare items from the latter days of Q-Zar to the museum, including an IQ phaser, Q-Tag phasers, and boxes of spare plastics for the IQ packs.1QPhasor1

Q-Zar was one of the largest franchises in laser tag history in the 1990's. In the last years before going bankrupt, Q-Zar created two systems, the IQ and Q-Tag.


IQ was a new style of vest and phaser from the company's popular design. Stepping away from the motocross vest mold, the pack was dramatically updated. You can see the initial design on the right, though the system was never ever installed in a commercial venue.  Only prototypes of the IQ packs were ever made.


This makes the IQ one of the rarest laser tag packs in existence.

The Q-Tag system was designed specifically with children in mind, taking the initial mold of the Q-Zar phaser and scaling it down to accomodate younger players.

JR Robles, president and owner of Energize Laser Tag was contacted by the museum and during the initial call, he felt he did not have anything of value.  Nearly a year later, JR sent an email stating that he had found several boxes of items on the top shelf in a warehouse.  Those boxes contained parts and pieces as well as the one prototype IQ phaser.

JR graciously donated everything he had regarding the IQ system and the Q-Tag phaser.  The ILTA was able to put the items on display instead of being lost forever in the rubbish.


Laserforce International Donates Rare Pack

Len Kelly, creator of the Laserforce laser tag system, donated an extremely rare item to the Laser Tag Museum: MK1 Laserforce pack.

The Laserforce opened for their first game in Australia in April 8, 1988.

Laserforce has the distinction of running the longest existing laser tag facility in the world and has been contributing to the laser tag industry from the start. The MK1 was their first generation of equipment and is a staple in our illustrious history.

The donation has been placed in the Museum and has added to the catalogue of history provided.


*Edited April 29, 2013 - replaced the sentence "Laserforce is the oldest laser tag manufacturer in the world and has been contributing to the laser tag industry from the start." with the historically accurate "Laserforce has the distinction of running the longest existing laser tag facility in the world and has been contributing to the laser tag industry from the start."

*Edited October 28, 2013 - replaced the sentence "The Laserforce product debuted in Australia in January, 1988." with the historically accurate "The Laserforce opened for their first game in Australia in April 8, 1988."


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