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Updated with our latest items for the museum, and our relentless quest to document the history of laser tag.

Mystery Laser Chaser Pack Donated

Logan Lockhart, recently donated a Laser Chaser pack to the Laser Tag Museum. This Laser Chaser Pack is unlike any other we have ever seen due to the fact that it doesn't have any shoulder sensors. We can tell from the vest fabric and basic design that it is an early version of Laser Chaser, but the Museum is currently looking into giving the pack its proper description.



This pack will be added to the Laser Chaser page and to Logan's new Collection page.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Logan for his donation and his dedication to the industry.



Two of a Kind Prototype Packs Expands Museum Collection

The most recent donation to the Laser Tag Museum comes from Jake Chasse, General Manager of Zap Zone Canton, Michigan. 

The Laser Tag Museum had been searching for these Version 1 Laser Blast packs for years. They were rumored to have been destroyed years ago, nobody thought that there were any left, until Jake Chasse went to an auction where they had these two incredibly rare packs up for grabs. Jake knew that he wanted these for his own personal collection and made sure he was the one to take home these incredible packs.

LB prototypes

Years later Jake came across the contribution page on the Laser Tag Museum website. He then decided it was time to put these artifacts the industry thought were gone for good on display for the public to admire.

The Laser Tag Museum has confirmed the authenticity of the packs with Carla Ewald, President of Laser Blast, and Mike Ewald, Sales Director of Laser Blast who both confirmed that these are indeed version 1 packs.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Jake Chasse for his donations and his effort to preserve the history of the laser tag industry.


"Chewie, we're home."

The Legendary Wookie from Kashyyyk has signed a Helios Pro pack that has now found a new home in the Laser Tag Museum. Matt Parker of Megazone Noarlunga, Adelaide, Australia, is responsible for the latest acquisition to the Laser Tag Museum and the newest addition to our Hollywood Collection. Matt met Peter Mayhew, the man who plays Chewbacca, at the Comi-con Convention in Adelaide. 

Signed Helios Pro Plate 2

 Signed Helios Pro Pack

Peter Mayhew 2015

Peter Mayhew

This isn't Matt Parker's first item to Laser Tag Museum and we look forward to more donations and acquisitions in the future.


BrokenToken Podcast Enjoys the Laser Tag Museum


BrokenTokenLogoFinal 03

A fan and donor to the Laser Tag Museum, Mr. Charles Peklenk, sent the Curator a link to a podcast hosted by two arcade and pinball gurus. is a blog website based in Louisville, KY and has over 40 podcasts on topics relating to the arcade and pinball industry.  Recently one of the BrokenToken team visited Lazer Blaze in Louisville, KY and discovered the Laser Tag Museum and what he has to say about the museum is funny and flattering.  Jump to the 12:40 mark to listen to his thoughts about the Laser Tag Museum.


We thank for the shout out and Charles Peklenk for bringing this to our attention.  The Laser Tag Museum is a free-admission museum that strives to showcase the entire laser tag industry history and products. shows us that the effort is well worth the time and energy to maintain the artififacts.



2014 Laser Tag World Championship Memorabilia & Documentary To Be Displayed

Benjamin Baker, an avid laser tag enthusiast, and also co-owner of Laserzone Brisbane, came up with a Kickstarter project to fund a documentary on the 2014 World Championships in Australia.

Ben along with many other hardcore players believe that laser tag is more then just an entertainment product, they believe is a great sporting event that keeps young people who do not play traditional sports active.  Laser tag teaches everything that traditional sports do in a less intimidating environment. While playing laser tag you learn about sacrifice, team work, mental strategies, discipline, competition, and sportsmanship the same way you do on a football field or basketball court, but unlike those sports laser tag is a no contact sport. 

Ben's project exceeded the goal on Kickstarter reaching over $10,000.00. The Laser Tag Museum was proud to back the project as it helped to globalize knowledge of the laser tag industry, by backing we received one shirt and a copy of the 2014 Nationals Documentary. 

 When Ben came to the U.S. he brought with him some goodies from Australia:


 Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Bag


Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Play Card

WCLT Shirt1

Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Shirt

WCLT Shirt2

Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2014 Shirt

WCLT Shirt4

Shirt only given to Kickstarter Backers who backed the 2014 Laser Tag Documentary Project

WCLT Documentary

The 2014 World Championships Full Documentary 

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Benjamin Baker for his donations and commitment to spreading the joy one can get from playing laser tag. 


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