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Updated with our latest items for the museum, and our relentless quest to document the history of laser tag.

Two of a Kind Prototype Packs Expands Museum Collection

The most recent donation to the Laser Tag Museum comes from Jake Chasse, General Manager of Zap Zone Canton, Michigan. 

The Laser Tag Museum had been searching for these Version 1 Laser Blast packs for years. They were rumored to have been destroyed years ago, nobody thought that there were any left, until Jake Chasse went to an auction where they had these two incredibly rare packs up for grabs. Jake knew that he wanted these for his own personal collection and made sure he was the one to take home these incredible packs.

LB prototypes

Years later Jake came across the contribution page on the Laser Tag Museum website. He then decided it was time to put these artifacts the industry thought were gone for good on display for the public to admire.

The Laser Tag Museum has confirmed the authenticity of the packs with Carla Ewald, President of Laser Blast, and Mike Ewald, Sales Director of Laser Blast who both confirmed that these are indeed version 1 packs.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Jake Chasse for his donations and his effort to preserve the history of the laser tag industry.

Mystery Laser Chaser Pack Donated
"Chewie, we're home."


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