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Laser Tag Museum at IAAPA EAS 2016 Show

The steaks were excellent, the beer was cold and the company was fantastic!

The Laser Tag Museum Curator was at the IAAPA European Amusement Show that was held in Barcelona, Spain this past September.  On Tuesday night, a number of industry veterans got together for dinner at a beautiful villa located on the upper hills overlooking Barcelona.


From Left to Right: Tim Aldous, Managing Director of Laser Quest International and co-owner of 2 Laser Quest's facilities in France; Ocie Mathenia, Vice President of iCombat and Chef Extraordinaire!; Erik Guthrie, Curator of the Laser Tag Museum; Nick Brunt, Managing Director of Laser Quest GB; Nathan Hicks, Operations Manager of Laser Quest GB; Alastair Dawson, co-owner of 3 Laser Quest locations in the UK; and Olivier Bruant, Co-owner of 2 Laser Quests locations in France.

Also present at dinner was Fabien Maerz and Uwe Pardeike, both with Lasergames Berlin and the distributors for Zone Laser Tag and iCombat.

Tim Aldous has been a major supporter for the Laser Tag Museum and was incredibly gracious enough to introduce the Curator to Eric Laffargue Laser Game Evolution of France. We are hoping that Laser Games Evolution will be a donor to the museum in the future.

The IAAPA EAS Show also had exhibitors such as X-RAID from Italy; Laser Wars of Russia through their distributor LASERTAG EUROPA; and VEQTOR of the UK.  The Curator spoke with all of those companies and the vitality and optimism of the family entertainment industry was clearly visible.

IAAPA as an organization continues to offer incredible eductaional programs and the EAS show was no exception.  The FEC/Small Park/Indoor Playground day long educational event was extremely well attended.  Evelyn Villame, Vice President, La Boite Aux Enfants, Paris, France introduced the Curator to the room of attendees as a resource of information about laser games.  The Laser Tag Museum is a proud member of IAAPA and it was an honor to be able to sit with fellow members and share best practices about the laser games industry.


The above photo is a great example of the industry enjoying each other.  This is X-RAID Laser Games of Italy and the Zone Laser Tag European office joining together for this photo. This was sent to the museum by Giuseppe Calazone, the president of X-RAID Laser Games.

One of the things that makes the lasergame industry so exciting is that a number of different laser tag manufacturers can get together and enjoy dinner and a great night of conversation.

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