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Trip to Pompeii with X-RAID Unearths Rare Laser Warrior Pack

What are the odds? We say that all the time at the Laser Tag Museum.

After spending time visiting the city of Pompei with X-Raid Laser Games, the Curator asked the X-Raid team, "Have any of you guys ever heard of a laser tag system called Laser Warrior? They were an Italian laser game company from the mid nineties."

The X-Raid team turned to each other and immediately began conversing, in Italian of course. After what seemed like forever they turned back to the Curator and simply said, "Let us make some phone calls." So after some more heart pounding suspense and thirty minutes of relentless phone calling, Mr. Lorenzo Ribaldii said, "I think we might know somebody, who knows somebody, who might have a Laser Warrior pack in a closet somewhere in Northern Italy." 

Nearly six months later a box arrives with the only known Laser Warrior in existence. Not only that put the pack is in amazing condition for being over twenty years old. What are the odds right?


DSC 0382

DSC 0383

The Laser Tag Museum cannot express enough gratitude to the X-Raid team for their dedication and persistence of getting one of the rarest packs to the Laser Tag Museum.  Check out X-RAID Laser Games at their website at http://www.lasergame-xraid.com/

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