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Pat Holmes Donates Unique HELIOS PRO Prototype

Pat Holmes, one of the most innovative pioneers in the laser tag industry, was kind enough to donate this one of a kind Helios Pro Prototype. This specific Helios Pro Prototype was used to debut the system for Zone Laser Tag at IAAPA in 2013. At that trade show the Curator and Pat Holmes negotiated the terms of donating the pack to the Museum. Pat gave his word that he would donate the prototype when the system had been in production for a couple of years.


This prototype marked a new high for Zone Laser Tag with a numuber of features Zone had never had on other systems. For example this phaser actually has a fully interactive touch screen display that allows players to see their statistics as well as display pictures of the tagging player on the screen. As a prototype, the phaser was developed in a unique yellow color to signify that it was not going to be the production color.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Pat Holmes for donating this incredible pack.  Pat has donated other rare prototypes and unique items to the Laser Tag Museum and we thank him for his continued support.

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