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LaserVenture - From Down Under to On Display


Serendipity Smiles on the Laser Tag Museum.

Sitting down at a recent laser tag operator conference, a conversation lead to a donation.  The Curator was in Brisbane, Australia for a five day visit and sat down next to Mr. Jason Watkins during a meeting of operators attending a laser tag conference.  Jason is the manager of Garden City Lanes in Toowoomba, QLD which is currently a bowling facility that is being converting into a fun center.

The conversation with Jason was suprisingly shocking when he stated "Did you know I was the Australaisa distributor for LaserVenture?".  Well no, no I did not.  Jason went on further to state that he knew that the Laser Tag Museum was looking for a LaserVenture pack to place on display.


Jason actually drove 2.5 hours back to his home to gather up the LaserVenture items and returned the next day.  He had two LaserVenture version 1 packs, a base unit, the charging system, the transceivers and the documentation.  Jason had purchased the items to serve as the distributor for LaserVenture but after several years and no interest, he decided that the items would look better in the Laser Tag Museum.


We thank Jason for his incredible donation and for the 5 hours of driving that he underwent to gather these items out of storage so that they could be on display for the 100,000+ visitors to appreciate.

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