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X-Raid Laser Tag of Italy Donates to the Museum


The first ever Italian made laser tag system has been donated to the Laser Tag Museum by X-RAID Laser Games.  X-RAID donated two amazing artifacts - a prototype and a production pack.

The prototype pack is hand made from hardened resin while the prototype phaser was hand crafted from a carbon fiber material unlike anything used in the industry.  This fully functioning prototype is one of only two left from the original concept run.



The sleek and stylish body armor of the X-RAID production pack is beyond description.  In the longstanding tradition of highly crafted Italian design, this pack fits and contours the body of the player.  The phaser looks like it is inspired by the latest video games creating a desire to play laser games as a professional.

But more than just the donation of these two incredible laser game packs, X-RAID provided an insight and desire for the laser game software that is above the standard of the industry.  The Laser Tag Musuem rarely comments about software but this has to be one of those exceptional times.  Robust, user-friendly and intuitive, this software is very reminiscent of one of the most incredible software packages that ever existed in the industry - Stunner Corporation.

X-RAID honored the museum with its generous donations and it will be an honor to see how this young company revolutionizes the laser game industry in Italy, France and all of Europe.

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