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Battlefield Sports of Mt. Crosby Visited During Brisbane Trip


The day could not have been more perfect.  It was sunny and bright and warm in the wooded area where 100+ young kids were getting ready for their first experience with Battlefield Sports.  You could see the joy in their eyes.There was also excitement in my eyes as I was there to finally have a mission with the creators and inventors of Battlefield Sports - Peter and Nicole Lander.  Joining us was their son, Benjamin.

Battlefield Sports is the premier tactical laser tag company that jump started the outdoor or tactical industry.  So to have a mission with the whole family was an honor for me.


Battlefield Sports have been strong supporters of the Laser Tag Museum having donated an incredibly rare wooden tagger hand crafted by Peter's father nearly 20 years ago.  This wood tagger is now on display at the museum for all to see.  But this mission in Brisbane was mine to enjoy.  And that is what laser tag is all about in any of its versions.  Making memories with friends and family.


X-Raid Laser Tag of Italy Donates to the Museum


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