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Bill Lewis, Owner of Star Laser Force, Donates Packs Not Seen Since 1986.

Bill Lewis, Founder of Star Laser Force, recently donated three Star Laser Force packs that haven't been seen by the outside world for for over 25 years. Along with the three packs that were shipped to the Museum the box also contained a handheld device, what seems to be one of the first phaser only laser tag systems, and an overhead transparency sheet of the Star Laser Force logic board.


As you can see, the packs were not in the greatest shape since they were in storage for over twenty five years, but that is to be expected with equipment this old. Through hours of tedious cleaning the Intern was able to make the packs look substantially better. 


The first Star Laser Force site opened in April of 1985 in Houston, Texas. Star Laser Force was highly inspirational to the development of World's of Wonders Lazer Tag brand. Star Laser Force still has champions who remember playing back in 1985 and 1986.  Membership cards and T-shirts are still known to exist.


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Bill Lewis for the donation of a product that had special meaning to him.  The thousands of visitors to the museum will truly be in awe at seeing the third laser tag system ever developed. 



There is a good chance that the Star Laser Force product will be used for the 2nd annual National Laser Tag Day poster given its relevance in the history of the industry.

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