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Curators of Photon Loan the Museum Photon Artifacts

The Curators of Photon, consisting of Chris Drago and Micheal Murphy, recently loaned a wealth of Photon materials to the Laser Tag Museum. The items were accumulated by the Curators of Photon by traveling to Photon sites around the USA collecting anything they could to preserve the Photon legacy. Chris reached out to the Curator of the Laser Tag Museum on Facebook to talk about improving the Photon section of the Museum, the two then agreed to meet at the PhoCon event. 

Chris filled his friends car full of Photon memorabilia and made the trip to Laurel, Maryland. He then spent hours in the hotel room with the Curator and Intern walking them through the historical relevance of each Photon artifact. 


The items on loan consist of:

DSC 0069

  • Photon Employee of the Month placard
  • Photon medal
  • 2 Photon Medallions
  • 20 Photon coins
  • 2 Photon brochures holders
  • 3 Photon pins
  • Photon belt buckle
  • 2 Photon key chains
  • Photon name badge
  • Micheal Murphy name badge
  • 2 Photon cups
  • 2 Photon mugs
  • Photon sticker
  • Photon briefing video on VHS
  • Photon phaser cord
  • 3 Carter Bucks
  • Photon Flight Suit


  • Molecular Light Set from the Kenilworth, NJ Photon


  • Photon uniform from Toronto



The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank the Curators of Photon for their commitment to preserving the Photon legacy and for their loan that the thousands of visitors will truly admire.

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