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Updated with our latest items for the museum, and our relentless quest to document the history of laser tag. Donate Phaser Station consisting of Photon Enthusiasts Paul Desiderioscioli, Vincent Desiderioscioli, Jed DeRose, and Gary Nevard donated a Photon Phaser Station during the PhoCon event in Laurel, Maryland. These Photon Enthusiasts are all Photon players who were very commited to their game. This led each of them to chip in and save this Photon phaser station from being thrown out.

This particular phaser station came from the Wildwood, New Jersey facility. The phaser station was a coin operated machine that was placed on the observation deck. It allowed people who were not playing in the current game to still particiapte and have fun. Phaser stations are still developed by different manufacturers to this date. This idea and technology was truely ahead of its time. 



The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Paul Desiderioscioli, Vincent Desiderioscioli, Jed DeRose, and Gary Nevard for their donation and their commitment to preserving the Photon legacy. Paul, Vincent, Jed, and Gary are all listed in the donor section of the Museum under

Industry Innovator Awards Outlined and Enhanced
Laser Tag Museum to be Featured in Documentary


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