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Mystery Laser Chaser Pack Donated

Logan Lockhart, recently donated a Laser Chaser pack to the Laser Tag Museum. This Laser Chaser Pack is unlike any other we have ever seen due to the fact that it doesn't have any shoulder sensors. We can tell from the vest fabric and basic design that it is an early version of Laser Chaser, but the Museum is currently looking into giving the pack its proper description.



This pack will be added to the Laser Chaser page and to Logan's new Collection page.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Logan for his donation and his dedication to the industry.



Two of a Kind Prototype Packs Expands Museum Collection

The most recent donation to the Laser Tag Museum comes from Jake Chasse, General Manager of Zap Zone Canton, Michigan. 

The Laser Tag Museum had been searching for these Version 1 Laser Blast packs for years. They were rumored to have been destroyed years ago, nobody thought that there were any left, until Jake Chasse went to an auction where they had these two incredibly rare packs up for grabs. Jake knew that he wanted these for his own personal collection and made sure he was the one to take home these incredible packs.

LB prototypes

Years later Jake came across the contribution page on the Laser Tag Museum website. He then decided it was time to put these artifacts the industry thought were gone for good on display for the public to admire.

The Laser Tag Museum has confirmed the authenticity of the packs with Carla Ewald, President of Laser Blast, and Mike Ewald, Sales Director of Laser Blast who both confirmed that these are indeed version 1 packs.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Jake Chasse for his donations and his effort to preserve the history of the laser tag industry.


"Chewie, we're home."

The Legendary Wookie from Kashyyyk has signed a Helios Pro pack that has now found a new home in the Laser Tag Museum. Matt Parker of Megazone Noarlunga, Adelaide, Australia, is responsible for the latest acquisition to the Laser Tag Museum and the newest addition to our Hollywood Collection. Matt met Peter Mayhew, the man who plays Chewbacca, at the Comi-con Convention in Adelaide. 

Signed Helios Pro Plate 2

 Signed Helios Pro Pack

Peter Mayhew 2015

Peter Mayhew

This isn't Matt Parker's first item to Laser Tag Museum and we look forward to more donations and acquisitions in the future.


BrokenToken Podcast Enjoys the Laser Tag Museum


BrokenTokenLogoFinal 03

A fan and donor to the Laser Tag Museum, Mr. Charles Peklenk, sent the Curator a link to a podcast hosted by two arcade and pinball gurus. is a blog website based in Louisville, KY and has over 40 podcasts on topics relating to the arcade and pinball industry.  Recently one of the BrokenToken team visited Lazer Blaze in Louisville, KY and discovered the Laser Tag Museum and what he has to say about the museum is funny and flattering.  Jump to the 12:40 mark to listen to his thoughts about the Laser Tag Museum.


We thank for the shout out and Charles Peklenk for bringing this to our attention.  The Laser Tag Museum is a free-admission museum that strives to showcase the entire laser tag industry history and products. shows us that the effort is well worth the time and energy to maintain the artififacts.



2014 Laser Tag World Championship Memorabilia & Documentary To Be Displayed

Benjamin Baker, an avid laser tag enthusiast, and also co-owner of Laserzone Brisbane, came up with a Kickstarter project to fund a documentary on the 2014 World Championships in Australia.

Ben along with many other hardcore players believe that laser tag is more then just an entertainment product, they believe is a great sporting event that keeps young people who do not play traditional sports active.  Laser tag teaches everything that traditional sports do in a less intimidating environment. While playing laser tag you learn about sacrifice, team work, mental strategies, discipline, competition, and sportsmanship the same way you do on a football field or basketball court, but unlike those sports laser tag is a no contact sport. 

Ben's project exceeded the goal on Kickstarter reaching over $10,000.00. The Laser Tag Museum was proud to back the project as it helped to globalize knowledge of the laser tag industry, by backing we received one shirt and a copy of the 2014 Nationals Documentary. 

 When Ben came to the U.S. he brought with him some goodies from Australia:


 Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Bag


Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Play Card

WCLT Shirt1

Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2016 Shirt

WCLT Shirt2

Zone Laser Tag Australian Championships 2014 Shirt

WCLT Shirt4

Shirt only given to Kickstarter Backers who backed the 2014 Laser Tag Documentary Project

WCLT Documentary

The 2014 World Championships Full Documentary 

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Benjamin Baker for his donations and commitment to spreading the joy one can get from playing laser tag. 


Laser Tag Museum at IAAPA EAS 2016 Show

The steaks were excellent, the beer was cold and the company was fantastic!

The Laser Tag Museum Curator was at the IAAPA European Amusement Show that was held in Barcelona, Spain this past September.  On Tuesday night, a number of industry veterans got together for dinner at a beautiful villa located on the upper hills overlooking Barcelona.


From Left to Right: Tim Aldous, Managing Director of Laser Quest International and co-owner of 2 Laser Quest's facilities in France; Ocie Mathenia, Vice President of iCombat and Chef Extraordinaire!; Erik Guthrie, Curator of the Laser Tag Museum; Nick Brunt, Managing Director of Laser Quest GB; Nathan Hicks, Operations Manager of Laser Quest GB; Alastair Dawson, co-owner of 3 Laser Quest locations in the UK; and Olivier Bruant, Co-owner of 2 Laser Quests locations in France.

Also present at dinner was Fabien Maerz and Uwe Pardeike, both with Lasergames Berlin and the distributors for Zone Laser Tag and iCombat.

Tim Aldous has been a major supporter for the Laser Tag Museum and was incredibly gracious enough to introduce the Curator to Eric Laffargue Laser Game Evolution of France. We are hoping that Laser Games Evolution will be a donor to the museum in the future.

The IAAPA EAS Show also had exhibitors such as X-RAID from Italy; Laser Wars of Russia through their distributor LASERTAG EUROPA; and VEQTOR of the UK.  The Curator spoke with all of those companies and the vitality and optimism of the family entertainment industry was clearly visible.

IAAPA as an organization continues to offer incredible eductaional programs and the EAS show was no exception.  The FEC/Small Park/Indoor Playground day long educational event was extremely well attended.  Evelyn Villame, Vice President, La Boite Aux Enfants, Paris, France introduced the Curator to the room of attendees as a resource of information about laser games.  The Laser Tag Museum is a proud member of IAAPA and it was an honor to be able to sit with fellow members and share best practices about the laser games industry.


The above photo is a great example of the industry enjoying each other.  This is X-RAID Laser Games of Italy and the Zone Laser Tag European office joining together for this photo. This was sent to the museum by Giuseppe Calazone, the president of X-RAID Laser Games.

One of the things that makes the lasergame industry so exciting is that a number of different laser tag manufacturers can get together and enjoy dinner and a great night of conversation.


Laser Tag Museum Interviewed by Photon Authority Laurie Jean Britton

erik interview photon

Laurie Jean Britton, the world's authority on the Photon television series, recently stopped by the Laser Tag Museum and conducted an interview.

She has put together a number of the video snippets about a number of artifacts in the Laser Tag Museum and has posted it to YouTube.  Please enjoy!



Kevin Sorbo, Hercules / Capt. Dylan Hunt, Signs HELIOS PRO pack for Laser Tag Museum

When the son Of Zeus wears a laser tag pack, you want it for the Laser Tag Museum. 

Matt Parker, owner of Megazone Noralunga was running a laser tag event at the Adelaide com-icon and had the opportunity to have Kevin Sorbo and his son Braedon try on a laser tag packs and not only did he think to get a picture with them wearing the laser tag packs but he also got Kevin to sign one of the packs. After this happened Matt Parker then allowed the Laser Tag Museum to acquire the pack from him.


(Left to right: Tim Ellers (Matt Parker's sidekick, Kevin Sorbo, Matt Parker, Braedon Sorbo)

For those of you who do not know Kevin Sorbo starred as Hercules in the hit tv show Hercules from 1994 to 1999. 


This pack will be added to the Hollywood section of the Laser Tag Museum which has grown rapidly. The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Matt Parker for the acquisition. 


High Voltage Adelaide Captains Jersey Now On Display

Tim Ellers, captain of the High Voltage Adelaide Nation Team recently donated his captain's jersey to the Laser Tag Museum.  High Voltage Adelaide plays in the Zone Laser Tag World Championship program.

The Laser Tag Museum is working to enhance its tournament and players section of the displays.  This captain's jersey will help honor the enthusiasm for the sport of laser tag.


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Tim Ellers for his incredible donation all the way from Adeliade, Australia.


IAAPA Funworld Magazine Profiles The Laser Tag Museum

jun16coverJune 29, 2016 -

In the latest issue of Funworld, the official magazine of IAAPA, the Laser Tag Museum was profiles under their "New Member Spotlight" section.   The profile covered what makes the museum special in the laser tag industry. Also included are 5 fun facts about the industry that the average laser tag player and operator may not know.

To view the Funworld article, you can click the image to the right.LTM Funworld web


Trip to Pompeii with X-RAID Unearths Rare Laser Warrior Pack

What are the odds? We say that all the time at the Laser Tag Museum.

After spending time visiting the city of Pompei with X-Raid Laser Games, the Curator asked the X-Raid team, "Have any of you guys ever heard of a laser tag system called Laser Warrior? They were an Italian laser game company from the mid nineties."

The X-Raid team turned to each other and immediately began conversing, in Italian of course. After what seemed like forever they turned back to the Curator and simply said, "Let us make some phone calls." So after some more heart pounding suspense and thirty minutes of relentless phone calling, Mr. Lorenzo Ribaldii said, "I think we might know somebody, who knows somebody, who might have a Laser Warrior pack in a closet somewhere in Northern Italy." 

Nearly six months later a box arrives with the only known Laser Warrior in existence. Not only that put the pack is in amazing condition for being over twenty years old. What are the odds right?


DSC 0382

DSC 0383

The Laser Tag Museum cannot express enough gratitude to the X-Raid team for their dedication and persistence of getting one of the rarest packs to the Laser Tag Museum.  Check out X-RAID Laser Games at their website at


Tactical Section Expands With this Markston Prototype

Pat Holmes, President of Zone China, has just donated another prototype to the Laser Tag Museum. This Markston prototype was developed by Pat Holmes in conjuction with Greg Smith. Greg is a leading tactical expert from Australia and contributed a lot of experience to the project. 


The Laser Tag Museum would like to extend its gratitude to Pat Holmes and Greg Smith for allowing this prototype to find a new home. 


Dave Jackson, of Laser Edge and Laserforce Rep, Donated Time Capsule

 Dave Jackson, the legendary owner of Laser Edge in Clinton Township, Michigan, and former National Sales Director for Laserforce International, was doing some in house cleaning when he came across this wealth of materials. These materials include a vast amount of sales literature and marketing materials from several different laser tag manufacturers all from the mid 1990's. 


The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Dave for thinking of us when he came across these materials and for going the extra mile to preserve these artifacts by shipping them to the Laser Tag Museum without hesitation. The industry needs people like Dave to help save the history of laser tag and its changing market.


Pat Holmes Donates Unique HELIOS PRO Prototype

Pat Holmes, one of the most innovative pioneers in the laser tag industry, was kind enough to donate this one of a kind Helios Pro Prototype. This specific Helios Pro Prototype was used to debut the system for Zone Laser Tag at IAAPA in 2013. At that trade show the Curator and Pat Holmes negotiated the terms of donating the pack to the Museum. Pat gave his word that he would donate the prototype when the system had been in production for a couple of years.


This prototype marked a new high for Zone Laser Tag with a numuber of features Zone had never had on other systems. For example this phaser actually has a fully interactive touch screen display that allows players to see their statistics as well as display pictures of the tagging player on the screen. As a prototype, the phaser was developed in a unique yellow color to signify that it was not going to be the production color.

The Laser Tag Museum would like to thank Pat Holmes for donating this incredible pack.  Pat has donated other rare prototypes and unique items to the Laser Tag Museum and we thank him for his continued support.


LaserVenture - From Down Under to On Display


Serendipity Smiles on the Laser Tag Museum.

Sitting down at a recent laser tag operator conference, a conversation lead to a donation.  The Curator was in Brisbane, Australia for a five day visit and sat down next to Mr. Jason Watkins during a meeting of operators attending a laser tag conference.  Jason is the manager of Garden City Lanes in Toowoomba, QLD which is currently a bowling facility that is being converting into a fun center.

The conversation with Jason was suprisingly shocking when he stated "Did you know I was the Australaisa distributor for LaserVenture?".  Well no, no I did not.  Jason went on further to state that he knew that the Laser Tag Museum was looking for a LaserVenture pack to place on display.


Jason actually drove 2.5 hours back to his home to gather up the LaserVenture items and returned the next day.  He had two LaserVenture version 1 packs, a base unit, the charging system, the transceivers and the documentation.  Jason had purchased the items to serve as the distributor for LaserVenture but after several years and no interest, he decided that the items would look better in the Laser Tag Museum.


We thank Jason for his incredible donation and for the 5 hours of driving that he underwent to gather these items out of storage so that they could be on display for the 100,000+ visitors to appreciate.


X-Raid Laser Tag of Italy Donates to the Museum


The first ever Italian made laser tag system has been donated to the Laser Tag Museum by X-RAID Laser Games.  X-RAID donated two amazing artifacts - a prototype and a production pack.

The prototype pack is hand made from hardened resin while the prototype phaser was hand crafted from a carbon fiber material unlike anything used in the industry.  This fully functioning prototype is one of only two left from the original concept run.



The sleek and stylish body armor of the X-RAID production pack is beyond description.  In the longstanding tradition of highly crafted Italian design, this pack fits and contours the body of the player.  The phaser looks like it is inspired by the latest video games creating a desire to play laser games as a professional.

But more than just the donation of these two incredible laser game packs, X-RAID provided an insight and desire for the laser game software that is above the standard of the industry.  The Laser Tag Musuem rarely comments about software but this has to be one of those exceptional times.  Robust, user-friendly and intuitive, this software is very reminiscent of one of the most incredible software packages that ever existed in the industry - Stunner Corporation.

X-RAID honored the museum with its generous donations and it will be an honor to see how this young company revolutionizes the laser game industry in Italy, France and all of Europe.


Battlefield Sports of Mt. Crosby Visited During Brisbane Trip


The day could not have been more perfect.  It was sunny and bright and warm in the wooded area where 100+ young kids were getting ready for their first experience with Battlefield Sports.  You could see the joy in their eyes.There was also excitement in my eyes as I was there to finally have a mission with the creators and inventors of Battlefield Sports - Peter and Nicole Lander.  Joining us was their son, Benjamin.

Battlefield Sports is the premier tactical laser tag company that jump started the outdoor or tactical industry.  So to have a mission with the whole family was an honor for me.


Battlefield Sports have been strong supporters of the Laser Tag Museum having donated an incredibly rare wooden tagger hand crafted by Peter's father nearly 20 years ago.  This wood tagger is now on display at the museum for all to see.  But this mission in Brisbane was mine to enjoy.  And that is what laser tag is all about in any of its versions.  Making memories with friends and family.




Around the World Travel Insurance2

If you do not speak Airportese, the above is the route that I recently flew over a 26 day period for both work and vacation which always means that I find time to help secure incredible, exciting items for the Laser Tag Museum.

Here is a recap with more detailed postings to happen over the next several weeks.

My first part of this trip was to Brisbane, Australia where I spent 5 days visiting incredible facilities and attending an Australian Zone operator conference.  It was exciting to listen to operators and the myriad of methodologies in operating a facility.  Also in attendance were a couple of potential operators.

But serendipity struck for the museum.  I sat next to a gentleman who happened to be the former Australasia distributor for Laser Venture.  Laser Venture is a product that we have wanted to display for sometime but have been unable to secure a pack from the manufacturer in the UK.  You already know how this ends - Laser Venture will be on display at the museum compliments of the happenstance of sitting next to someone and striking up a conversation.

I then spent a Saturday afternoon huffing and puffing in the woods.  Nicole and Peter Lander of Battlefield Sports were gracious hosts while they operated one of the most amazing tactical events that I have ever seen.  Over 100 taggers running up and down the hills laughing and giggling.  Nicole and Peter had donated to the museum a couple of years ago and this was a great chance to catch up and play some Battlefield Sports.

After Brisbane, I went down to Melbourne to see Darrin Shaw's new location in Shepperton.  Darrin has been a generous supporter to the museum in the past so it was an honor to be able to go see his new 50,000 sq. ft. facility.

On to Adelaide where I caught up with Robyn and Graham Vickridge-Smith, founders of Vultrek.  This couple, long retired from the laser game industry, shared even more knowledge about the industry in the mid- 1980's.

While in Adelaide, I spent time with Matt Parker who recently revitalized his business with a substantial investment and makeover.  It was a cool facility to visit.  But Matt had a surprise for the museum.  He had a HELIOS PRO to donate that was worn and autographed by Hollywood movie and TV star Kevin Sorbo.  This pack will be on display as part of the Hollywood Collection.

A quick hop up to Kuala Lumpar where I was met at the airport and driven to see one of the most successful locations in all of Asia.  Laser Battle.  They are located in one of the busiest shopping malls in the world with over 100,000 visitors a day at the mall.  The staff was incredible and the arena held some innovations that will help improve the over all game of laser tag.  More details to come.

Jumping ahead of the recap, I got to spend a day in Toulouse, France with Laser Quest International's Tim Aldous and his business partner Olivier.  Tim and Olivier have created the first hybrid laser game business in the industry over 2 years ago.  You will have to read my post to learn why Toulouse may be the future of the industry.  But, Tim and Olivier also donated a pristine condition LQ10 pack with flawless plastics.  This will be a gem on display.

Skipping ahead, my trip ends in Rome, Italy where I met with X-RAID Laser Games.  I spent 3 1/2 days visiting locations, learning about the Italian laser game industry, and even watch X-RAID conduct a sales demonstration.  The trip concludes with Guiseppe Colazzo and Lorenzo  Ribaldi presenting two packs to the museum.  The first is one of only 2 prototypes of X-RAID to exist.  As a prototype it is delicate, hand crafted out of resin with the phaser made from carbon fiber.  The second pack was a brand new production pack that has features not found on any other laser tag system in the world.

Everything that was donated to the museum will be cataloged and photographed in the coming weeks.  Check the new news section for updates on the latest items donated to the museum.


Laser Command eBay Acquisition

These two Laser Command Laser Tag Toys are the latest eBay acquisition the Museum has made.  We would like to thank Red Dawn on eBay for making special arrangements to have these on display.


These Laser Tag Toys will be added to the Laser Command page.


Tivia Donates Very Rare Photon Memorabilia

Laurie "Tivia" Britton, the host of the website Photon Forever, just donated this Photon Action Coloring Book to the Laser Tag Museum. This coloring book is extremely rare and has never been seen on any auction websites.  Tivia has interviewed most of the major characters from the Photon TV show and posted those interviews on her website.  She has even interviewed the Curator regarding the history and future of the laser tag industry.  



The Museum would like to thank Laurie "Tivia" Britton for her time, her commitment to Photon, and her donation. This donation will be added to the Toy Photon page. 





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