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February 15 - Buckingham Technologies acquires Versent Corporation through purchasing 90.5% of their issued outstanding shares.

February 23 - P&C Micros acquires Darkzone Technologies, Inc., Ultrazaone Franchising, and Crystal Entertainment, Inc. and create Zone Systems, Inc.

March 17 - Dark Light Developments and Actual Reality International, Ltd end their joint partnership.

March - Hangar51 is created by Momentum, Ltd.

November 16 - Laserforce International Pty. Ltd. is registered and all marketing starts to utilize the Laserforce International brand.

- LaserNation enters the Laser Tag industry.

- Solaris Leisure begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

- P&C Micros ceases manufacturing Darkzone in Canada

- Laser Port Pro is created.

- Stun Laser ceases manufacturing.


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