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January 10 - Laser Quest Corporation finalizes the deal the purchase Threshold Electronics Limited. Threshold had designed and manufactured Laser Quest's proprietary equipment

June 17 - Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City, Utah ceases manufacturing.

June 24 - A dissolution notice is posted in the London Gazette for Q-Zar Limited.

October 23 - Actual Reality developed an arena building division known as "Xtreme Themes & Design".

October - LaserBlast begins to manufacture Laser Tag equipment.

Novermber 25 - Laser Force (UK) ceases manufacturing laser tag equipment.

December 29 - Q-Entertainment files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

- Dae Dong International changes the name of their laser tag equipment from Star Wars II to Laser Space.

Lazer Maze in Lake Forest, California ceases manufacturing. (approximately)

- Stun Laser begins manufacturing laser tag equipment.

- Q2000 begins to manufacture and distribute laser tag equipment.

- Holoz ceases laser tag manufacturing.


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