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January 17 - Intersphere USA, L.C. is incorporated by Todd Ferson.

February 21 - A meeting of creditors is posted in the London Gazette beginning the dissolution process of Quasar Limited.

March 15 - Holoz begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.

March 31 - Phaser Fun in Salt Lake City, Utah opens their only corporate store with equipment manufactured by them.

May - Q-Zar Inc. and Q-Zar Canada are incorporated in connection with the reorganization of Q-Zar Bermuda.

August - Through the Q-Zar Inc. subsidiary Q-Europe Limited, Q-Zar Inc. purchases all of the outstanding shares of the companies comprising the QML Group. Q-Entertainment owns the worldwide intellectual property rights to substantially all Q-Zar products.

- Quasar England closes down; all European support is directed to Quasar Ireland. Later that year Quasar Ireland is renamed to Q-Zar International and is significantly scaled down.

-Laser Warrior starts to manufacture its own equipment. (approximately)

-Lazer Maze opens its doors in Lake Forest, California. (approximately)

-Laser Chaser begins manufacturing (approximately)

-Pulsar ceases trading (approximately)

-LaserMaxx is founded.

-LaserGame Evolution begins to manufacture laser tag equipment.


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